Michael Oliver – Here Is The Big Picture For Gold After The Takedown

On the heels of a remarkable week where the world witnessed the greatest political upset in history and subsequent chaos in global markets, today King World News is pleased to present an extremely important update on the war in the gold market from Michael Oliver at MSA. Oliver allowed KWN exclusively to share this key report with our global audience after last week’s takedown in the gold market.

If You Are Worried About The Action In The Gold Market, Read This…

IMPORTANT: The King World News network communications have been attacked relentlessly today. All communications have been shut down for the network. KWN has 3 global networks it can join for communications and all three have been taken down for most of the day, including all phone lines. Is it a coincidence that this happened just after the election? Who knows? But if you are worried about the action in the gold market, just read this.

Multi-Billionaire Hugo Salinas Price – ‘I Have Serious Doubts About The Survival Of Our Civilization’

As the world awaits the outcome of the election in the United States, some time ago multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price told King World News in stunning fashion what he believes to be the frightening plan to control the world going forward. He described the people planning this as “barbarians,” and said, “this is not going to end well.” He also issued this ominous warning, “I have very serious doubts about the survival of our civilization under such people.” Below is what the multi-billionaire had to say in this incredibly powerful interview.

The Destiny Of The World

With continued uncertainty in global markets, today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE, historic moves in currencies, and major global events, spoke with King World News about the destiny of the world.



Pershing Gold Announces Completion of Updated 43-101 Technical Report for the Relief Canyon Mine

[PR Newswire] – LAKEWOOD, Colo., Sept. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Pershing Gold Corporation (PGLC), (7PG1.BE) (“Pershing Gold” or the “Company”) announces that Mine Development Associates (“MDA”) of Reno, Nevada has completed an updated Canadian National Instrument 43-101 Technical Report for Pershing Gold’s Relief Canyon Mine in Pershing County, Nevada. The MDA Technical Report discusses in detail the resource estimate, previously announced in July 2015, based on the results from drilling


Thursday, February 19: Today in Gold and Silver

NEW YORK (TheStreet) — After trading virtually flat for all of Far East, most of London trading—and early trading in New York, the gold price got hit at 11:00 a.m. EST on the dot just as London closed for the day.  The low tick came thirty minutes later—and then at precisely 2 p.m. EST, the gold price rocketed 12 bucks higher in just minutes, which was probably a result of

Wednesday, February 18: Today in Gold and Silver

NEW YORK (TheStreet) — Well, dear reader, you don’t need me to explain what happened in the precious metal market yesterday, as we’ve seen it all before.  It’s just “da boyz” and their HFT buddies running the stops for fun, profit and price management purposes. In gold, the price was under some sort of pressure starting around 9 a.m. Hong Kong time—and by 1 p.m. in London, the price was

Tuesday, February 17: Today in Gold and Silver

NEW YORK (TheStreet) — With the U.S. markets closed for President’s Day on Monday, there wasn’t much activity in the precious metal market anywhere on Planet Earth—and the only reason for my column today is the plethora of stories that I’ve been accumulating all weekend. The gold price rallied in fits and starts right from the open of trading at 6:00 p.m. EST on Sunday evening—and the rally ended, as


Chevron completes maintenance at South African oil refinery

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – U.S. oil firm Chevron has completed a 1 billion rand ($83 million) routine maintenance and safety inspection at its 100,000 barrel per day South African oil refinery in Cape Town, local media reported on Thursday. Chevron, which trades as Caltex in South Africa, shut down its Milnerton refinery from Feb. 13 to March 31 for routine maintenance and safety inspections. …

Gas prices or economy, experts disagree on what drives U.S. demand

By Jarrett Renshaw NEW YORK (Reuters) – Americans hit the road in record numbers this winter, reigniting a long debate that may determine whether global oil markets hold steady or tumble anew. Yet many energy economists have long argued that it is economic activity and employment, not prices, that hold the greatest sway over how much gas Americans burn each day.

Iraq's largest oil refinery under threat from IS: US

Iraq’s largest oil refinery is under growing threat from Islamic State jihadists, who have advanced inside the perimeter of the facility, the US military said Wednesday. US warplanes have been carrying out air strikes against the IS group around the Baiji refinery but it was unclear if Iraqi security forces would manage to hold on to the facility north of Baghdad, a Pentagon spokesman said. They do control parts of

Left turn in Canada's oil-rich Alberta stuns energy industry

By Scott Haggett and Nia Williams CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) – Canadian oil and gas shares tumbled and the country’s main stock index hit a one-month low on Wednesday after the left-wing New Democratic Party surged to power in the oil-rich province of Alberta on promises that included energy industry reforms. “Even now our inboxes are filling with messages expressing something between disbelief and dismay,” analyst Andrew Bradford of Raymond James

Pentagon sees 'tough' Iraqi battle to secure Baiji oil refinery

The Pentagon on Wednesday said Iraq’s fight to secure the country’s largest oil refinery from Islamic State militants was headed in the wrong direction and declined to predict the outcome of ongoing battle. “It’s been a tough, fluid fight,” Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren told a news briefing, adding that “right now it’s flowing in the wrong direction.” “It could still turn around.