Mining stocks soared 189% in just 5 months last time this happened, plus a look at a US dollar surprise.

Flight To Least Crappy Fiat Money
July 5 (King World News) – King World News note:  Below you can see a major long-term upside breakout in the US dollar:

Next Target For US Dollar Index After
Major Upside Breakout Is 120!
(Currently Trading At 105)

King World News note continues:  The US dollar strength is impacting markets all over the world (see below). It is also negatively impacting US corporate earnings on a go-forward basis. This will contribute to additional stock market weakness during this bear market…

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On The Cusp Of A Massive Reversal In Mining Stocks
Kevin Smith:
  I tweeted this chart on 3/12/2020. The GDXJ bottomed the next day and went up 189% in 5 months. Prior setup yielded 202% over 8 months. Here we are again. Incredible deep value and high appreciation potential in precious metals mining stocks today. Go ahead, I dare you.

Last Time This Happened Mining Stocks
Soared 189% In Just 5 Months!

Similar Signal In 2016 Sent Miners
Skyrocketing 202% In 8 Months!

Commodity Bull Market Still In Early Stages
Otavio Costa:
  Commodities at their most oversold levels since the collapse in March 2020. Now retracing to their 2-year resistance. Long-term minded investors know what to do here.

Panic Selling In Commodities Most Likely Complete
At Bullish Long-Term Support Trendline

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