With the price of gold surging $55, below is a look at who predicted $15,000 gold, $370 silver and $300 oil. Plus a fascinating email regarding inflation, and Japan’s road to hyperinflation.

3,300% Price Increase For Beef
October 13 (
King World News) – 
Email from KWN reader George C:  Check this out… 2 charts below.

$1.90 in 1935 for beef equates to $62.72 in 2023, a 3,300% increase.

I couldn’t find a graph going back to 1913 when the Federal Reserve was established, But it is obviously even worse.

And this 2nd chart shows cost/100 pounds of cattle:

In 2004 100 lbs (CWT= hundred weight) was 89.05 in January!  So if you got a 16 oz Steak for $65, that’s almost 100 times the cost…Insanity prevails.

The Tide Is Turning
Graddhy out of Sweden: 
Think this chart is turning inside the massive blue triangle for the last time.

Oil sector led the commodities baby bull move up from the bear low in 2020.

Chart says it is now time for precious metals to shine.

First Major Currency To Collapse
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Japan is a leader in the synced central bank FIAT debasement race to the bottom. It is clear from the $XAUJPY (US dollar vs Japanese Yen) chart that the $YEN is being destroyed.

Japan In Early Stages Of Hyperinflation

Japanese Must Protect Themselves With Gold & Silver
$XAGJPY here is leading too as it already has a breakout above blue line, now backtesting. 
Get ready.

Silver Priced In Japanese Yen Ready To Explode Higher

$15,000 Gold, $370 Silver And $300 Oil
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  The very big picture charts show the ENORMOUS opportunity for the rest of this glorious commodities bull market.

My targets for the bull are still the same as when I called the start of the bull:

Gold $10,000$15,000

Silver $370

Oil $250$300

All targets are conservative…

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Opportunity Of A Lifetime
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  The commodities bull market should last 10 years. When Central Banks and Governments move from hiking+QT to cutting/YCC+QE & bull markets in general equities+bonds are accepted to be history, global capital flows into the space will be historical.


The commodities bull market started 42 months ago.

The commodities index CRB surged 220%+ in its baby bull move.

This secular commodities bull market will last 10+ years.

Use it and win big. Ignore it and lose big. For Heaven’s sake – do not miss.

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