We have just witnessed a beautiful gold reversal, plus a look at the most important chart.

Beautiful Reversal
October 10 (
King World News) – 
Graddhy out of Sweden:  Yes, that is a beautiful bullish reversal candle last week, with follow-through plus weekly swing low in place this week. And not undercutting Feb low means momentum is intact. Trying to break back inside the huge orange bull flag.

Gold Trying To Break Back Into Bull Flag

Very early in the week so far, but I do like it. Should fill the gaps from last week on daily though…

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New Super-Cycle Bull Market
Graddhy out of Sweden: 
I am not a permabull because I post bullish big picture commodities charts. 
Or a goldbug because I am bullish gold in a resumed secular bull.

No, commodities are simply in a new super-cycle bull market, and I am just trying to help people get on the right bandwagon.

The Only Gold Chart You Need To See
Graddhy out of Sweden: 
$XAUWCU is the collected chart for gold priced in the major currencies. 
One of the most important charts on the planet.

It now has a bullish reversal backtesting the parabolic line.

Gold Priced In All Major Currencies:
Protecting People During Times Of Great Currency Debasement As It Has For Thousands Of Years

Make good use of it and win big, or ignore and lose big.

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