With continued volatility in global markets, at all costs remain focused on the big picture.

Ignore The Noise And Remain Focused On The Big Picture
October 10 (
King World News) – 
Graddhy out of Sweden:  The tide is turning. A global asset paradigm shift is in the making. Away from equities and bonds, etc, towards tangible assets.

The commodities bull WILL be the greatest financial opportunity in your lifetime, by far.

This Global Shift Out Of Paper Into Hard Assets Will Last For Many Years:
Gold Has Solidly Broken Out vs NASDAQ

The Big Picture
King World News note:  We continue to tell our global readers to remain focused on the big picture for gold. There is massive money printing taking place. This money printing must be done in order to sustain the system. Therefore Western debt levels will continue to skyrocket, and fiat money will continue to be devalued, resulting in a historic bull market for commodities. All of this is bullish for gold and silver. Do not be distracted by the games that have been played in the paper markets. Continue to trade in fiat money for physical gold and silver and remain focused on the big picture during times of volatility.

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