Could The Price Of Gold Really Spike 70 Percent In The Next 90 Days?

On the heels of continued pressure in the metals markets, today one analyst out of Europe asks the question: Could the price of gold really spike 70 percent in the next 90 days? This is the type of thing that the big banks follow closely, as well as big money and savvy professionals. David P. out of Europe sent us the three key charts along with his commentary.

Panic In Markets As The World Heads Into A Full-Blown Depression

Today a 40-year market veteran sent King World News an incredibly important piece that cautions the panic we are seeing in major markets is a warning sign that the world is now headed into a full-blown depression. This piece exclusively for KWN also reveals which country made a killing shorting the oil market before it collapsed.

Global Stock Markets Finally Set For A Serious Selloff

With mainstreaming media propaganda running headlines stating that the Jobless Claims are now at the lowest in 15 years, today King World News is featuring a piece that warns the markets may finally be ready to see a serious selloff. This piece also lets KWN readers know the initial downside target for the first wave of selling.

Is The Price Of Gold Really Headed Above $20,000?

With everyone focused on the noise from the Fed, today King World News thought it was a good idea to take a step back and look at the big picture of the war between gold and the Federal Reserve. This led to a remarkable question: Is the price of gold headed above $20,000?