This is why hard asset like gold and silver are headed much higher.

January 7 (King World News) – Adam Tooze, Director of the European Institute:  Its when you look at real inflation-adjusted rates that you get a true sense of what we mean by a low interest-rate world.

Hard Assets Such As Gold & Silver
Will Benefit From This Madness

US Trade Deficit
Peter Boockvar:
  The US trade deficit in November widened to within a whisker of a record high at $68.1b vs $63.1b in October. Exports grew by 1.2% m/o/m offset by a 2.9% rise in imports…

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For perspective, exports totaled $184.2 vs $209.6b in February. Imports came in at $252.3b, exceeding the February level of $246.7b and vs $252.6b in January.

US Trade Deficit Spiraling Of Control

We talk here a lot about the US dollar and its weakness (which will continue I believe) and it’s not just the exploding budget deficit as a reason, it is also the trade deficit as well where all these dollars get shipped overseas and then immediately sold and converted to local currencies and other things.

Finally, the challenge to China in order to protect US technology interests and IP was right but I’ll say again the use of tariffs was a bad idea and the obsession with trade deficits was completely misplaced and economically nonsensical.

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