7 days in smartphones: Dear Microsoft, please don't eat my Android phone

Your princess isn’t in another smartphone It’s Friday. You’re giddy with excitement. It can only mean one thing…7 days in smartphones is back again! Forget being “social” with your so-called “friends”, stay here in the dark with as we try to make you laugh. Once. It’s the best we can hope for. Catch up on 7 days in smartphones | Follow Winston on Twitter It’s-A-Not-Me, Mario! Nintendo is finally entering

Week in Tech: Week in Tech: Nvidia goes Titanic, Nintendo shrinks to mobile and Google hates humans

It’s been a bad week for humanity. Google reckons we’re too dumb to be in charge of cars, Microsoft appears to be rewarding software pirates and Apple’s still refusing to admit that the gold Apple Watch Edition is an elaborate joke. But there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful, and they’re all in this edition of Week In Tech. Windows 10: yarrrrr welcome Good news for software pirates: Microsoft

Chinese military denies role in reported U.S. hacking

China’s Defense Ministry on Friday denied that it had anything to do with a cyber attack on, a unit of, following a report in the Financial Times that the FBI was looking into the Chinese military’s involvement. “The relevant criticism that China’s military participated in Internet hacking is to play the same old tune, and is totally baseless,” the ministry said in a fax to Reuters in response

Is Your Mobile Ruining Your Sex Life?

Is Your Mobile Ruining Your Sex Life? – It’s well known that mobiles can kill the moment, just as you lean in to make the next move, your phone rings or a work email flashes up that you just can’t resist checking. But mobile phones might be having a more sinister effect on our love lives, according to new research. Scientists found that men who hold their mobiles for more than four hours a day are more likely to suffer from impotence .…

US official takes a stand to keep the internet 'fast, fair and open'

Tom Wheeler, the chairman of the US’s Federal Communications Commission and the person in charge of regulating the internet there, has issued a lengthy statement in which he clarifies his stance on net neutrality. And thankfully, he’s on our side. The best laptop for you The most recent word on the ongoing battle for net neutrality was that the US Federal Communications Commission was reportedly considering reclassifying the internet to

Watch out Google, Apple is building a search engine

Having moved away Google and towards Bing, Apple has managed to shake off Google’s grip on iOS when it comes to search – but it appears to have bigger ambitions in the pipeline. As spotted by Cult of Mac, the company has posted a job advert for an “Engineering Project Manager” for something called Apple Search. As the summary goes on to explain, that job is precisely what you might