As the shenanigans continue in western paper gold markets, the world has just witnessed a shocking and historic divergence where the price of gold being traded in China is now over $100 more per ounce than what is being quoted in the West.

GOLD: Historic Mispricing In The West
September 15 (
King World News) –
Eric Pomboy sent King World News the following chart and communication:  “Just one chart that says a lot. Suggests Gold repricing may be dead ahead.”

Eric Pomboy Sent King World News This Remarkable Chart Showing A Historic Divergence Between Gold Price In China $2,020 vs US $1,909!

King World News note:  For those of you accumulating physical gold and silver this may be a very good time to take advantage of the arbitrage in pricing between the Shanghai Gold Exchange in China and the suppressed price in the West. Rarely will you ever see such a distortion in pricing that is so clearly in your favor as the buyer. Alasdair Macleod discusses the shocking chart above and much more in this week’s audio interview CLICK HERE.

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