Today King World News interviewed legend Marc Faber and he spoke about what stocks investors should buy if they want to make a fortune this year.

Eric King:  “Marc, you hit on something that I was talking with James Turk about earlier today and it was the mining shares and the fact that they were the #1 financial performer last year and yet the money managers and investors were not invested in them.  Even today when you look at the sector it is so hated.  The reason I’m bringing this up is that I know you’ve seen this in your career — when a bull market kicks off that has been in a protracted (cyclical) bear market, and nobody wants to own it or get near it and it remains hated and under-owned.  When we have seen that, the bull market just keeps melting up and melting up.  We’ve had this setback, but is 2017 going to be another monster year for the mining shares?”

Marc Faber:  “Well, if you look at Barrick, or Newmont Mining, or Freeport, basically from the lows to the recent highs last July/August, they went up in some cases 4-times in price.  I don’t think they will go up 4-times this year, but I easily think they could go up 50 percent or 100 percent no problem.  And then you have smaller mining companies that could easily double or triple from present levels because if a stock drops from 100 to 10, and then it goes up to, say, 18, it’s still down 80 percent from the peak.  That’s essentially the situation of the mining industry.  They’ve come off the lows but I think it’s probably the first leg in a new bull market.  Because I’m really a believer that with all the fiscal spending expansion in the world, the central banks will have to continue buying government debt, and eventually this monetary inflation will be very favorable for precious metals….This is one of Marc Faber’s greatest audio interviews ever and the overseas line was crystal clear for the recording and it has now been released.  Faber covers the great danger facing the financial system in the coming year, what his predictions are in 2017 for global markets, stocks, bonds, gold, silver, mining shares, etc, what investors should be doing with their money right now, what has the wealthy so worried in 2017, how Trump will impact major markets, and much more, and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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