There is a major money supply shocker taking place, plus silver is on the cusp of a huge upside breakout.

Major Economic Contraction Underway
March 30 (
King World News) –
Thorsten Polleit:  Minus 7.9% y/y …

M2 Money Supply Just Hit -7.9!

Graddhy out of Sweden:
  US dollar looks very weak and precious metals are responding by looking very bullish. Silver is now right at vital $24-ish bull flag level which is big level on weekly.

SILVER: A Solid Advance Above $24 Would Be A Major Upside Breakout

King World News note:  There should be a massive bull market in uranium and uranium stocks as the world moves more toward green energy mandates….

Uranium Market Long Overdue
Matthew Schwab:
 I’m very optimistic about the short and long term potential for uranium investments right now. The uranium market is long overdue for a true bull market that realizes the rapidly escalating requirement for increased production and supply to satisfy worldwide energy requirements. As demand continues to increase in contrast to lessened production, the forecasted deficit continues to grow and inherently so does the risk of supply shortages for the world’s energy needs. Between only the US and China, we can expect an increased demand to supply over 300GW.

At Kraken Energy our team as been working to advance our brownfield projects as we move towards the goal of having assets in a production ready state. Concurrently with drilling at Garfield Hills, our geologists have continued to prospect and ground truth our airborne geophysical targets. In the past months they have now outlined a mineralized strike length on surface at Garfield Hills of over 4 km stretching east and west from our current area of drilling. As we continue to see surface readings with the handheld RS-125 spectrometer exceeding 15,000-30,000 cps we are very excited to continue developing the prospectivity at Garfield Hills.

The continued intersection of elevated radioactivity across drill targets at Garfield Hills combined with a 4 km strike of confirmed surface mineralization is highly encouraging as we continue to build the extent of uranium resource potential on the property. With the known drilling area open in all directions and at depth, our team is eager to begin planning a follow-up Phase 2 drilling program at Garfield Hills for 2023. Kraken Energy, symbol UUSA in Canada and UUSAF in the US.

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