People need to get prepared because central banks must now hyperinflation as Minsky moment in “Ponzi finance” looms.

The Last Bubble
March 28 (
King World News) – Egon von Greyerz:  Whether the US dollar rises or falls, the end result is as inevitable as Napoleon’s Waterloo: Disaster. Once stock and bond bubbles reach their tipping points, the last bubble to die is the currency.

Minsky Moment In “Ponzi Finance”
Bill Gross:
  Lower treasury yields ahead!! The U.S. is not yet experiencing a Minsky moment but certainly our economy is characterized by Minsky’s “Ponzi finance” where existing debt requires more credit just to pay for interest on that debt.

To be specific total credit — now approaching 85 trillion — requires credit growth of perhaps 4 trillion annually just to steady GDP at the current 26 trillion. That’s possible but it requires lower interest rates not higher…

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Central Banks Must Now Hyperinflate
Gregory Mannarino, writing for the TrendsJournal:  For those of you who may not know, I am going to let you in on a nasty secret.



A central bank produces only one product, debt, and the more debt they issue, the stronger they become. 

Central banks collectively run the entire world economy, the financial markets, and the global financial system. They make the rules.

Have a look at this.

Below is a snapshot of the Federal Reserve balance sheet

This chart was taken directly from

On the 8th of this month, two days prior to it becoming public knowledge that yet another banking crisis was upon us, (Silicon Valley Bank collapsed on March 10th), the Federal Reserve began pumping billions of dollars into the banking system.

What this means is TWO DAYS prior to the start of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, the Federal Reserve knew about the impending collapse.

This banking crisis is spreading to other regional banks, and to several bigger banks as well, such as Credit Suisse and Deutsche bank. 

What is being kept from the public is this new banking crisis is systemic, and without MULTIPLE TRILLIONS of dollars being created out of nothing and pumped into the zombie system, it’s just over.

Understand that this is a systemic issue, that means that this banking crisis is global. Being that this banking crisis involves the entire system, and with collective liabilities on these banks books which could easily be in the multiple trillions of dollars, the only alternative central banks have is to VASTLY inflate or allow the entire zombified system to completely melt down…

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It is my belief, and I have covered this for many years, that central banks want to bring down the current system only to issue in a new one. A new system which will be 100 percent digital and 100 percent fiat. 

Why fiat? A central bank being able to issue their single product to the world is what gives them power and control. It also gives them the ability to BUY IT ALL with a product they create out of nothing.

Next Step
The entire world banking system must be consolidated.

For central banks to have a successful rollout of their new system, the system itself must be consolidated into fewer institutions.

Over the last few years, and especially with the CONvid “crisis” and subsequent shutting down of the global economy, we have seen small businesses virtually go extinct, as to fulfill the corporate agenda…

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In a similar manner, the smaller banks and several large banks as well must be consolidated into singular and much larger institutions. This process of consolidation will (and already is) require tremendous amounts of cash.

This $400 billion from the Fed in just the last 2.5 weeks is just the beginning.

The propping up of the zombified system will allow for deals to be made, and assets to be purchased by the larger institutions at fire sale prices.

But who pays for all this?

You do… in the form of skyrocketing inflation.

The only outcome here, by vastly inflating the system with more debt, is much higher inflation worldwide. Central banks will vastly inflate to fulfill their agenda to consolidate the system and therefore gain more power and control over the entire world population. You can subscribe to the TrendsJournal’s spectacular weekly magazine featuring a plethora of fascinating articles for only 41 cents a day by CLICKING HERE!

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