Sprott Says Central Banks Are Buying Gold At A Torrid Pace

Sprott says central banks are maintaining a torrid pace when it comes to gold buying, propelling gold prices to a new all-time high before backing off.



Beyond Ice: What to Do for Sore Runner’s Knees

Photo by By Bari Lieberman for Refinery29 Aches and pains are unfortunately common among runners of all levels — and ice can do only so much. “When a runner comes to me with pain at a joint [hip, knee, or ankle], I always reference the ‘bad-neighbor theory,’” explains Wes Pedersen, running coach and Equinox personal trainer. “That means you should look for any tightness, weakness, or asymmetry…both above and below the site

10 Sports Supplements That Actually Work

Photo by Walk the aisles of any nutrition or health food store, and you’re bound to be overwhelmed in less time than it takes to chug a protein shake. 1. Creatine monohydrate Bodybuilders have taken creatine powder for years to help them grow bigger and stronger. A creatine supplement makes more of this fuel available for your muscles, allowing you to complete more reps, said study author Michaela Devries, of

Keeping Your Eyes On The Prize Can Make Exercise Easier, Study Finds

Photo by Fix your eyes on the finish line, and you may cross it faster. Focusing on a distant target —instead of scanning your surroundings— may make exercise seem easier and help you move at a quicker clip, suggests a New York University study, recently published in the journal Motivation and Emotion. In the fight against obesity, exercise is often ignored, as interventions focused on food steal much of the

Three Infections You Should Worry About More Than Ebola

Photo by Our nation has been struck with Ebola fever— not literally, of course, but rather by a rising tide of fear that the virus will sweep across the United States. “The idea that Ebola will take over the United States is an unfounded fear,” said Dr. Liise-Anne Pirofski, chief of infectious diseases at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Because the incubation period is relatively brief— only 2 to 21 days

Trampoline Fitness: Bounce Your Way to a Buff Body

Classes usually deliver full-body strength and cardio workouts performed entirely on the trampoline. You can’t help but smile when you’re on a trampoline,” said Michael Browning, owner of Urban Air Indoor Trampoline Parks. “You don’t realize how hard you’re working.” A Growing Trend Park owners and fitness instructors say they’ve seen exponential growth in the popularity of trampoline workouts over the past two to three years. “It’s exciting to see

How Stress Messes With Your Workout

The researchers wanted to see if mental burnout would affect physical performance. “Brain tissue is similar to muscle tissue—at some point the tissue is going to fatigue,” said Ranjana Mehta, a biomechanics researcher at Texas A&M Health Science Center who was not affiliated with the study. “You can be tired after a hard day using your mind at work and with things going on in your life, and then not

Kill Internal Parasites Easily with these 8 Herbs

(NaturalNews) Parasites are more common than most people realize. There are many different kinds. Internally, there’s a pretty good chance that you and a third of the people you know have them. If we consider the possibility that there are many common parasites that we are as of yet…

How to Ward Off 'Grain Brain'

Photo by In his 2013 New York Times best-seller “Grain Brain,” neurologist and functional medicine expert David Perlmutter, MD, warned that eating wheat and sugar—staples of the typical American diet—has a deleterious effect on the brain and body, leading to conditions such as diabetes, depression, insomnia, anxiety, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Elevated blood sugar levels lead to brain shrinkage, specifically in the areas that determine cognitive