Historic and massive food inflation is going to be unleashed in 2024 and 2025 as gold, silver and miners are also unchained.

INFLATION WARNING: Commodities vs Dow
March 19 (
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Graddhy out of Sweden:  The largest global financial paradigm shift in modern times is in the making, away from overvalued paper assets, towards undervalued hard assets.

A Historic Wave Of Commodity Inflation Will Be Unleashed As Soon As The CRB Commodity Index Breaks Above The BLUE LINE On The Upside

For long term investors, this could be the most important chart there is. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, and threat [to unprepared investor’s wealth]…

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Silver vs Silver Miners
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Looks like this ratio is about to move higher. Meaning silver miners are about to start outperforming almost everything. Note the red positive divergence just like before the two previous huge moves back in 2016 and 2020. Vital to be in the right companies to get the most gains.

Silver Stocks Are About To Be Unleashed On The Upside

Gold & Silver
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Gold has a blue mega breakout on quarterly time frame.

Gold Quarterly Chart Has Decisively Broken Out On The Upside

Silver is now trying to break out.

Silver Close To Its Own Quarterly Upside Breakout

If one only look at weekly or monthly charts right now, silver is still below blue line. But, silver is trying to break out [above] on quarterly, following gold, as it should.

Always know the very big picture.

King World News note:  The time to buy cheap silver may be coming to an end fairly quickly.  If you are accumulating physical silver use any weakness to add to your positions.  As for those in the long suffering high-quality mining and exploration stocks, they are also preparing to come out of hibernation and assert themselves on the upside.

Alasdair Macleod’s latest audio interview discussing the short squeeze in the silver market has just been released CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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