Gold and copper see major breakouts as inflationary 2020s is unleashed…again. But look at these long-term gold and US dollar charts which are stunning.

Gold & Copper
March 19 (
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Graddhy out of Sweden:  Both gold & copper have broken out individually.

Inflationary 2020s About To Be Unleashed

Gold is a safe-haven, and copper a base metal that does well in good economic conditions.

Coming move will dwarf the inflationary 1970’s by a mile…

In Times Of Increased Uncertainty
First, The Problem: An Undeniable Currency/Wealth Crisis & Transformation.

Fiat currencies are openly entering the last chapters of their once illusory but now steadily declining purchasing power and global credibility. La plus ça change…

This slow and steady spiral of fiat currency strength and the consequent risk of wealth destruction is nothing new. In fact, all debt-soaked systems throughout history have ended with a debased and then broken fiat currency. This is true without exception—from Ancient Rome to the Modern West.

Today’s global currencies are empirically following the same familiar pattern. In a global setting of unprecedented (and rising) debt levels which have risen from $258 trillion in 2020 to well over $330 trillion by 2022, etc. 2023, etc. 2024…

Out Of Control Spending:
The US Portion Alone Is Trillions

In early 2002, this legend made major investments for himself, his family a his group of investors into physical gold when the price was $300 per ounce.

His company is now the world leader for direct investor ownership of physical gold and silver outside of the banking system. It is also the industry leader in wealth preservation through precious metals for HNW clients in over 90 countries seeking private and unencumbered ownership of their assets outside of a fractured commercial banking system.

To listen to this amazing interview about the surge in the price of gold over $2,200 this week as well as the coming mania in the gold market, silver, inflation, and what to expect next CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE ABOVE.


Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Gold broke out 11 weeks ago. 
Many are now waking up to that fact.

And now the gold vs US dollar chart below is also breaking out. This is very important for the precious metals bull. 

Gold Has Major Breakout vs US Dollar

Secular Bull Market In Gold Has Resumed
This means that it is time for another long period when gold outperforms the dollar. Also, this is just another piece of the puzzle which shows that the secular bull market in gold has resumed.

The inverse correlation gold vs US dollar can be strong shorter term, but longer term it is not an issue.

This chart illustrates that US dollar most likely has topped for good. Time for gold to outperform.

50 Year Chart Shows Gold Breaking Out vs US Dollar. Last Time This Happened Gold Skyrocketed (CENTER OF CHART).
Meaning Gold Is Now Being Unleashed On The Upside

Alasdair Macleod’s latest audio interview discussing the short squeeze in the silver market has just been released CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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