Here is more evidence a massive gold and silver bull market is coming.

Get Ready For The Boom
January 26 (King World News
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Otavio Costa:  Brazilian stocks are outperforming US equities like it’s the early 2000s all over again.

Back then, this trend was magnified by China’s demand for commodities as it built up its economy.

Today, all G-7 economies need to rebuild their manufacturing base.

King World News note:  If Costa is correct and Brazilian stocks begin to significantly outperform US stocks, that would mean we are entering another era where commodities boom along with gold and silver and the high quality companies that mine and explore for the key metals such as gold, silver, copper, etc.

This Chart Signals A Commodities Boom Will Be Happening For Years To Come

90% Of Online Content?
Gerald Celente:
  A top Artificial-Intelligence researcher said last week that about 90 percent of the online content consumed by the public will likely be produced by AI by 2025 due to breakthroughs in the technology.

ChatGPT is an interactive chatbot powered by machine learning, NPR reported. The GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer.

The report described the tool’s uncanny ability. 

The technology has basically devoured the entire Internet, reading the collective works of humanity and learning patterns in language that it can recreate. All you have to do is give it a prompt, and ChatGPT can do an endless array of things: write a story in a particular style, answer a question, explain a concept, compose an email—write a college essay—and it will spit out coherent, seemingly human-written text in seconds…

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Most of the public knows very little about AI, but enjoys the benefits. They frequently ask Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri questions. 

But researchers want to make clear that there’s more than one “AI,” including generative AI, which means the creation of something new that once required a human mind. 

“Generative AI can create across all media, so text, video, audio, pictures—every digital medium can be powered by generative AI. So, I think these valuations that you’re seeing for OpenAI are actually going up and you’re going to start to see even more generative AI companies which have universal applications across many industries in 2023,” Nina Schick, an AI adviser, told Yahoo Finance Live. 

She believes that tools like ChatGPT will continue to grow in popularity and sees tech giants like Microsoft and Apple getting more involved in the space. She said the technology could potentially threaten Google’s search dominance, but she is sure the Mountain View, Calif., company knows the threat.

“There’s been a lot of debate about whether OpenAI is an existential threat to Google—the fact that Microsoft is an investor in OpenAI, the fact that ChatGPT is going to be integrated into Bing, if that’s going to challenge the dominance of Google. Although that’s a fantastic story, there’s no doubt Google is developing its own generative AI tools with the amount of data that they have, the amount of data they have.”

Erik Brynjolfsson, director of Stanford University’s Digital Economy Lab, told CBS News that he wouldn’t be surprised if, 50 years from now, people “looked back and say, ‘Wow, that was a really seminal set of inventions that happened in the early 2020s.’”

“Most of the U.S. economy is knowledge and information work, and that’s who’s going to be most squarely affected by this,” he told the network. “I would put people like lawyers right at the top of the list. Obviously, a lot of copywriters, screenwriters. But I like to use the word ‘affected,’ not ‘replaced,’ because I think if done right, it’s not going to be AI replacing lawyers; it’s going to be lawyers working with AI replacing lawyers who don’t work with AI.”

Earlier this month, we identified Artificial Intelligence as a breakthrough technology to watch this year.

As a test, our Trends Journal (human) artist extraordinaire Anthony Freda gave the OpenAI ChatGPT3 bot the task of writing “a 250-word article proposing solutions to ending the Ukraine War in 2023 written in the style of Gerald Celente.” 

Here’s what the bot produced:

The Ukraine War, which has raged on since 2014, has caused immense suffering and destabilization in the region and beyond. According to trend forecaster Gerald Celente, there are several steps that can be taken to bring an end to this devastating conflict.

First and foremost, Celente suggests that international leaders must come together to broker a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine. This could involve the establishment of a neutral mediator, such as the United Nations, to facilitate negotiations.

Additionally, economic incentives could be used to encourage both sides to come to the negotiating table. This could include offering economic aid to Ukraine or lifting economic sanctions on Russia.

Another potential solution is to increase diplomatic pressure on Russia to withdraw its support for separatist rebels in Ukraine. This could involve rallying international support for Ukraine and imposing further economic sanctions on Russia.

It is also important to address the root causes of the conflict, such as the issue of Crimea and Russian concerns over the expansion of NATO. Finding a way to address these underlying issues could help to pave the way for a lasting peace.

Ultimately, the key to ending the Ukraine War will be the willingness of both Russia and Ukraine to compromise and find a mutually beneficial solution. With the right approach and international support, it is possible to bring an end to this devastating conflict and bring peace to the region.

Before every editor and writer at this magazine makes sure their resume is updated, there are some problems with the technology.

Timnit Gebru, an AI researcher who specializes in the ethics of artificial intelligence, told CBS, “I think that we should be really terrified of this whole thing.”

He noted that ChatGPT learned how to write by scanning millions of articles on the web, but, like a novice journalist, believes everything it reads is true. 

“It wasn’t taught to understand what is fact, what is fiction, or anything like that,” he said. “It’ll just sort of parrot back what was on the Internet,” he said.

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