Look at this shocking inflation. Plus gold price surges to $1,950 but look at this…

Check Out True Inflation
January 25
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Simon Mikhailovich:  If you order some foods and necessities online, you can see past orders and prices. 

Check what you used to pay vs now vs reported CPI. No comparison…

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God’s Money Is On The Move
Otavio Costa:  Gold in JPY looks to be leading the way after reaching record levels recently on the monthly chart. 

Probably won’t take long until gold in USD and EUR terms do the same.

Gold Priced In Japanese Yen (WHITE) Euros (YELLOW) And US Dollars (BLUE)

Gold & Silver
Graddhy out of Sweden: 
This chart clearly shows how undervalued Gold is relative to the US currency supply.

So gold has a very long way to go compared to M2.

And silver will outperform gold. And silver miners will outperform silver. Plus everything else really.

Gold Price Has A Long Way To Go On The Upside

Largest Increase On Record
Charlie Bilello:
  The cost of a dozen eggs in the US has moved from $1.79 to $4.25 over the last year, the largest 12-month % increase on record (+138%).

Parabolic Egg Prices

Now That’s A Collapse
Thorsten Polleit:
  Inflation-adjusted US money stock M2 growth contracted 7.7% y/y in Dec ’22!

Fed interest rate cuts will most likely come much sooner than markets currently expect …

M2 Money Supply Plunges Most In Over 40 Years!

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