This is what the central banks are up to as gold continues to crush fiat currencies.

Gold Continues To Crush Fiat Currencies
January 25
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Graddhy out of Sweden:  Gold has risen 550% vs GBP last 15 years.

This major European currency being in a losing parabolic move vs gold, is a horrible chart.

Meet many who are against precious metals.

Telling them to get their head straight.

Gold Has Risen 550% Priced In British Pounds And Just Broke Out On The Upside Again

Here Come The Coordinated Moves To Digital Currencies
Gerald Celente:
  As of last week, 114 countries representing 95 percent of the world’s economic output were exploring, testing, or issuing digital versions of national currencies, according to the Atlantic Council.

Depending on their structure, the impact of “central bank digital currencies” (CBDCs) on nations’ and international banking industries could be profound, The Wall Street Journal said in a report last week.

The Bahamas, China, India, and Nigeria already are circulating CBDCs. Japan and Sweden are preparing their launches. The U.S. Federal Reserve has tested various versions but will not issue a digital dollar without authorization from Congress, Fed chair Jerome Powell has pledged…

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China’s digital yuan has been in circulation for almost two years and is widely popular. In India, the digital rupee could allow people to deal directly with each other instead of using checks that must pass through banks.

Some older versions of CBDCs are used mainly by central banks to transfer assets to commercial banks.

Expanding that system to allow banks to transfer digital assets among themselves could cut days off the time needed to process transactions. This approach is being tested now by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and several major U.S. banks.

Newer versions are digital fiat currencies for use by the public, not much different from the digital money now in bank accounts that is spent by debit cards and electronic transfers.

A key difference: the Fed would have access to everyone’s CBDC bank assets.

In the event of another virus spreading around the world, “the Fed could just deposit stimulus ‘checks’ into every U.S. citizen’s digital-currency account,” the WSJ noted.

Because everyone’s digital money would be controlled directly by a central bank, the role and impact of central banks in a nation’s economy would change profoundly, the WSJ said.

In the 28 July 2020 Trends Journal, we forecasted that “the world monetary system will devolve from dirty cash to digital trash.” Since then, the devolution has progressed at a fast clip, leading us to renew our prediction as a Top Trend 2023.

“The reality is that physical currency is on its way out in practically every economy. The use of cash is already plunging and the day will come even in the U.S. when currency is not used anymore,” Eswar Prasad, a professor of trade policy at Cornell University, told PBS.

Digital currencies should make transferring money easier and cheaper for those who do not use traditional banks, but there are obvious privacy concerns…

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In making our Top Trend 2023 forecast, we reminded readers that The Trends Journal has long noted Washington will crack down on cryptos when they become a possible threat, and it seems as though politicians and agencies are using the collapse of FTX and TerraUSD as examples of how more oversight is needed over the industry. 

Wall Street Silver, a popular Twitter account, posted that the SEC will likely try to control cryptocurrencies by authorizing the Fed and Treasury to bring a Central Bank Digital Currency to the public. 

In that case, the government would be able to monitor all purchases and freeze all accounts, just as Canada froze bank accounts during the trucker protests early last year. reported that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) published a document in 2017 that offered suggestions to governments—“even in the face of strong public opposition”—on how to move toward a cashless society.

Governments and central bankers claim that the shift to a cashless society will help prevent crime and increase convenience for ordinary people. But as we had forecast the real motivation behind the war on cash is more government control over the individual… so they know every penny spent, where it was spent, and what it was spent on. And the bottom line is, the political system will be guaranteed of getting every tax dollar that they “deserve.”

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