The price of gold is surging near the $2,000 level but silver is having a huge day.

Massive Physical Gold Demand
February 2
 (King World News) – 
Jim Haskel, Senior Portfolio Strategist at Bridgewater Associates:  Annual gold demand up 18% last year driven by a 55-year high in central bank purchases.  This is move to diversify reserves away from USD after the US froze Russia’s reserves in USD. Retail investors also piled in.  Debts high, interest rates higher. Bad mix.  Own some gold…

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Gold Protecting People Who Own It In UK
Mark H:
  Gold just set a new all-time high in GBP (UK £s). It just surpassed the old all-time high set in 2020 at £1574/oz, (£50617/kg).

Gold: All-Time High Priced In British Pounds!

This Is A Huge Day For Silver
Graddhy out of Sweden:  Silver is now trying to break out above the upper trend line for the giant 2.5 year blue bull flag.

Silver Breaking Out Of Giant 2 1/2 Year Bull Flag

Silver Rocket Ship
Patrick Karim at badcharts:  Yes. MEGA rocket ship for silver with a close above $28 on quarterly candle chart.

Silver Rocket Ship Will Truly Launch After Quarterly Close Above $28

Real Reason We Have Massive Protests, Food Riots, Soaring Inflation
Ronnie Stoferle shared this quote:

“We in our sluggishness do not realize that the dearness of everything is the result of the cheapness of money. For prices increase and decrease according to the condition of the money. An excessive quantity of money should be avoided.” — Copernicus, Monetae cudendae ratio (1526)

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