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July 3 (King World News) – Gerald Celente:  The spread of AI through the global workplace is likely to abolish a range of jobs and “raise profound concerns about massive labor disruptions and rising inequality,” the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned in a 17 June report.

Because of AI’s power to abolish entire categories of jobs, particularly at higher skill levels, governments should prepare to expand their unemployment insurance programs, the fund urged…

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Education and training programs need to adapt to a future that includes AI, rapidly-changing job markets, and lifelong learning, with apprenticeships and regular reskilling opportunities, the report said.

“We want people to be able to benefit more broadly from the potential that this technology holds and we want to ensure that there are opportunities created for people,” Era Dabla-Norris, the IMF’s deputy director of fiscal affairs, said in a statement accompanying the report’s release.

“Older workers may not have the skills needed in the age of AI,” she added, “so the transition could be painful. You want to be able to cushion this costly transition and maintain social cohesion.”

The IMF argues against levying taxes on AI to support unemployment payments and retraining programs because such taxes could dampen productivity. Instead, it advocates raising taxes on capital gains and corporate incomes.

The first wave of automation was largely mechanical, putting robots in factories and erasing blue-collar jobs. This new wave is digital and has the power to eliminate white-collar jobs and career fields en masse, the IMF pointed out.

In January, the IMF projected that AI ultimately will impact 40 percent of the world’s jobs.

Schools will incorporate AI into their curriculums just as they do now with reading and math. 

Meanwhile, it will take years of a slow-rolling revolution to see how AI plays out in the current workforce. 

Many companies are upskilling their people to work with AI instead of being replaced by it. However, those companies will hire fewer people in the future as AI takes over more and more rote tasks.

As we have said, AI is not only re-energizing calls for reskilling programs but also focusing new attention on the debate about guaranteed incomes for workers who get the boot from AI but are unable to retrain.

The Global Move Toward…
King World News note:  This is all part of the designed move toward global extreme socialism/communism. Where will all of the money come from to pay all of these people not to work when the Western world has Debt/GDP levels that are already in the red zone? Regardless, all of this will add fuel to the gold and silver bull markets helping to propel the price of gold and silver violently higher than what is currently being quoted today.

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