Gold is headed to $2,700-$3,000 but the big surprise will be stocks that will soar 20-30x higher.

$2,700-$3,000 Gold
July 11 (
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Eric King:  “Tavi, there’s great opportunity going forward in gold, silver, the junior mining stocks and the mining stocks. People might hear that and think, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me. I don’t even want to hear about this stuff right now.’ They look at the profit/loss in their portfolios and it’s just a disaster. But in the ashes of that, in the 2005-2007 time frame juniors went up 10x, 20x, 30x some of them. We’re going to go back into that kind of phase because that triple top on gold is going to fall. And as we smash through that top gold is going to go up to $2,700-$3,000, silver to and through $50 to a new all-time high. And in that environment we are going to have moved from extreme fear to extreme greed.”

Bottom Of A New Gold Cycle
Tavi Costa:
  “You’ve said something very important. The precious metals industry has probably never been so bad in terms of the skepticism in the overall space. I look at data a lot and it resembles the time of the late 1990s when you also had gold being really cheap relative to overall equity markets, you had a valuation problem in terms of the tech bubble, and a lot of people thought, just like AI today, the internet was going to change the world and make gold an irrelevant asset. There was an understanding that this was the end of gold at that time. This was actually the bottom of a new gold cycle.

And seeing headlines with Bloomberg literally last week saying, ‘Gold Is No Longer A Good Hedge Against Bad Times,’ and September 22, which marked the exact bottom of gold, Wall Street Journal had it on the front page saying, ‘Gold Loses Status As A Haven.’ Those things they never fail in terms of timing the market. So I see this as an important setup. I think this is a great setup to go significantly higher from here. And this is finally what will bring an influx of capital to this industry. I think we are getting really close to an influx of liquidity that we haven’t seen in this last decade. And we know the types of returns…to continue listening to this timely and important interview CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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