This will unleash silver price to all-time high but don’t forget about another key commodity.

Don’t Forget About The Other Key Commodity
April 26 (
King World News) – 
Graddhy out of Sweden:  The glorious commodities bull market will be the greatest opportunity in your lifetime to get out of the rat race.

As said for 3 years – DO NOT MISS IT!

Uranium To Outperform S&P 500 By A Factor Of 15X

Global capital has clearly started to flow from the stock market into commodities.

So it begins…

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Graddhy out of Sweden:  On lower time frames, the big breakout level for silver is $38 and $50. But, using the yearly time frame plus closing prices, the neckline for the enormous cup & handle comes in very much lower at around $31-32.

Silver Break Above $31-32 Will Unleash Move To $50 All-Time High

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