Gold, Silver, And Greed
July 13 (King World News)
Silver has now surged $19 as it continues to breakout as gold remains above $1,800, but look at this…

The price of gold remains above $1,800…

…While Silver Continues Its Breakout, Now Above $19

WARNING: Take A Look At This…
From SentimenTrader:  MSCI World Growth Index’s Fear/Greed indicator is at the highest level EVER, higher than in 2000The world is all greed, no fear!

We’re Seeing More “Greed” In Stocks Than Any Other Time In History

Greed, Gold, Silver, And The Coming Mania
King World News – With “greed” at all-time record levels for global stock markets, there is no question that one hell of a shakeout in stocks is coming. It will be very interesting to see how gold and silver perform as sentiment eventually reverses from extreme “greed” to extreme “fear” in world markets. If this winds up creating heavy demand for physical gold and silver, we may see the metals soar the way they did in the 1973-1974 bear market…

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For two years between January, 1973, and December, 1974, the Dow crashed, eventually losing over 45% of its value. But gold and silver prices skyrocketed during that stock market collapse as major inflation/stagflation engulfed the country. We may be in for a repeat of that period. Regardless, gold and silver remain in secular bull markets that will eventually end in a mania and send prices to unimaginable levels on the upside. In the meantime, be patient and continue to accumulate physical silver on all major pullbacks as the gold/silver ratio remains at historically distorted and unsustainable levels.

2021 And The Great Reset
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