2023 PREDICTIONS: Nomi Prins – 2023 Will See A Huge Amount Of Money Flow Into Gold, Silver And Mining Stocks

Today Nomi Prins, who has given keynote speeches to the World Bank, IMF, Federal Reserve, and many other prominent institutions, spoke with King World News about her surprising predictions for 2023 as well as why there is going to be a huge amount of money flowing into gold, silver and mining stocks at the end of this year and into 2023.


Global Stock Markets Finally Set For A Serious Selloff

With mainstreaming media propaganda running headlines stating that the Jobless Claims are now at the lowest in 15 years, today King World News is featuring a piece that warns the markets may finally be ready to see a serious selloff. This piece also lets KWN readers know the initial downside target for the first wave of selling.

Is The Price Of Gold Really Headed Above $20,000?

With everyone focused on the noise from the Fed, today King World News thought it was a good idea to take a step back and look at the big picture of the war between gold and the Federal Reserve. This led to a remarkable question: Is the price of gold headed above $20,000?

Extraordinary Level Of Chaos And Confusion Now Engulfing World Markets

With the U.S. dollar pulling back and crude oil still struggling near multi-year lows, today King World News is featuring a piece that discusses the extraordinary level of chaos and confusion that has now engulfed world markets. This piece takes readers on a walk through the historic events that are now unfolding and also takes a look at what to expect going forward.