Legend Art Cashin Warns We May See A Global War In 2016.

Eric King:  “Art, did you think you would see 17,000 – 18,000 on the Dow with oil at $37 and change?”

Oil glutKeep An Eye On Oil In 2016
Art Cashin:  
“You want to watch oil carefully.  There’s a good chance we are going to retest that area around $33, and if that breaks it will present a possible new move to the downside that could be crushing.

You are beginning to see it spill over into areas like the junk bonds.  They are having entities reorganize, some even going so far as to declare bankruptcy.  You have a lot of the fracking community hanging by a thread.

So lower oil prices will certainly hurt things.  Take a look at the Russian ruble.  And that’s the thing that investors have to be wary of.  John Donne wrote, ‘No man is an island.  We are all part of each other.’  And that’s never been more true than in this super-global economy that we see.  

The Russian ruble is getting crushed.  Their economy is in a recession.  What does that mean?  Well, it could mean several things.  It could mean things economically, and it could mean (dangerous) things geopolitically.

King World News - Legend Art Cashin Warns We May See A Global War In 2016Cashin Warns Massive Coverup May Lead To A Global War In 2016
It’s known throughout history that leaders, when they can’t give the people what they want — food at the right price or a job when they need it — they try to distract people usually with some geopolitical thrust.  So you can have wars break out, almost by accident, as leaders try to find something to coverup what’s going wrong economically…
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