People need to prepare themselves for even more inflation that will be absolutely brutal for those who are already struggling.

April 24 (King World News) Gregory Mannarino, writing for the Trends Journal:  Over the weekend CON-gress approved another $95 billion dollar foreign “aid” package, which is in reality a weapons package, for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. The measure passed with OVERWHELMING bipartisan support—and YOU LOSE. 

Moreover, and just in case you were wondering if this will be the last time that CON-gress will be doing something like this, the answer is flat out no. 

This new $95 billion is just the latest installment with much more going out…

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How this latest installment was sold to you.

For several months now this $95 billion dollar “aid” package had stalled in CON-gress as it lacked support, but now all that has changed. Just by coincidence of course, IMMEDIATELY after “The Big Show” over the skies of Israel, our loving/caring representatives here in the U.S. wasted no time seeking approval for the $95 billion.

Much like the Inflation Reduction Act, which cost the American people $369 billion and yet to no one’s surprise inflation continues to rise outpacing every single “official” projection. Every single dollar which is either spent on funding for the expansion of war or sold to the American people as a way to reduce inflation, MUST BE borrowed into existence and therefore created out of thin air—AND HERE IS HOW YOU LOSE AGAIN.

The BIG SECRET that you are not supposed to know.

The Great Inflation Game
This mechanism of creating cash out of thin air/borrowing it into existence is MASSIVELY currency purchasing power negative, and here is how it works. 

When a dollar is created, whether if it is a printed dollar or one added to a digital screen it makes no difference, that newly created dollar IS NOT just automatically worth a dollar, no. For a newly created bill to attain any purchasing power it MUST steal a fraction, of a fraction, of a fraction, of purchasing power from every other already existing bill. Now, multiply this process by tens of billions of times, and YOU HAVE A REAL PROBLEM—mass currency devaluation which results in a loss of purchasing power. And guess what YOU LOSE.

So, who benefits from currency creation out of thin air? 

Well, it is certainly NOT We the People who benefit, ITS CENTRAL BANKS.

Collectively, and I have been warning about this for MANY years now, world central banks are in a race to the bottom. That is central banks are deliberately, WITH THE OBVIOUS DIRECT HELP OF LAW MAKERS, destroying the purchasing power of the currency they issue. Moreover, it’s a vicious cycle, here is how it works. 

The faster that a central bank devalues their currency, the more cash MUST BE BORROWED INTO EXISTENCE, as it now takes more currency to make purchases and YOU LOSE.

A great myth must be dispelled here.

A central bank cannot ever go bankrupt. The more debt a central bank can issue, or are called on to issue, for ANY reason, THE STRONGER THEY BECOME… and again YOU LOSE.

King World News note:  All fiat currencies around the world are being debased at a steady and in many cases accelerating clip. Gold knows this, and has been money for thousands of years, which is why it has been recently hit another all-time high. For those of you trading in fiat money for physical gold and silver, use periods of significant weakness to add to your hoard. This will help to get you on the other side of the coming Global Reset.

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