Investors should ignore volatility as the price of silver is preparing to explode higher. 

Silver vs Tech
April 20 (
King World News) – 
Graddhy out of Sweden:  This ratio shows how undervalued silver really is vs tech sector NDX.

It already broke out on a 14-year chart.

You Will See This Once Or Twice In Your Lifetime:
Silver Set To Outperform Nasdaq By 30X

Historical asset paradigm shift in the making.

These opportunities only come around maybe twice in your lifetime.

Do. Not. Miss. It.

Big Monthly Silver Breakout
Silver is still holding well above the 12-year blue trend line.

Means that at present, it has a mega break out in the making.

28.3, 35 & 42 are big resistance levels, but, once above 28.3, silver should accelerate cause of the red volume thin zone.

Silver Price Set To Accelerate Higher After Consolidation Near Breakout Ends

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