Ah, the banksters are at it again. It all makes sense now.

Accidental Banking System Failure? Don’t Believe It
March 15 (King World News) – Gregory Mannarino writing for the Trends Journal:  The overnight collapse of SVB, (Silicon Valley Bank), has certainly got everyone’s attention, but is this really any surprise at all? 

Absolutely not. 

The collapse of SVB is just a symptom of the current worldwide economic freefall being deliberately fostered by central banks. 

If you are at all familiar with any of my work or have paid attention to the many articles I have written for The Trends Journal, then you are already keenly aware that right now today the entire financial system is breaking down… and this is NOT any accident. (We are in the early stages of a deliberate systemic failure.)…

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Today the world economy is in an accelerating freefall, teetering on a knife’s edge, being deliberately pushed off the financial cliff by central banks who are collectively attempting to crush the existing system only to issue in a new one. 

Roughly 8 months ago, I began to warn those who follow my work on YouTube, (check out my older videos), that the banks are in trouble. It just became too obvious, and the current situation with the banks comes down to just THREE things: no deposits, no loans, and no deals. 

In truth, it’s NOT the banks who are in trouble, but as always—We the People.

Just some of the fallout from the SVB collapse is this; depositors with more than the government $250K FDIC insurance will never be made whole, and nor will the shareholders, who were just up until a few days ago being told that everything with the bank was sound. Not to mention the throngs of people who just became unemployed. The greatest threat? The collapse of smaller/regional banks will allow the MEGA banks to consolidate power. 

And where were the banking regulators in all this? 

How did they not see this coming? 

Or is it possible that the regulators did see this coming, and they just turned a blind eye. Remember this, in the current environment NOTHING is what it seems to be.  

Why would banking regulators just “allow” an overnight collapse of SVB, the 16th largest bank by assets in the US? And are we likely to see more regional/smaller banks fail?…

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Are we to believe that banking regulators are just incompetent? Moreover, as a reality check, understand… there is absolutely no way that the Federal Reserve nor the US Treasury could not have seen this coming.

Remember, NO DEPOSITS, NO LOANS, NO DEALS! If this “no deposits, no loans, and no deals” situation is just plainly obvious to you and I, are we to believe that banking regulators, the US Treasury, and the Federal Reserve just entirely missed this? How about NO. 

Let’s ask another question… why didn’t a single larger bank step in and bailout SVB? Well, the mainstream media financial channel commentators appear to be completely baffled as to why no big bank offered to step in and “save” SVB. Well… here is why.

The collapse of SVB, and there will be others, creates a “fire sale” opportunity for the major banks. Not a single major bank stepped in to save SVB because now this collapse presents them with a MAJOR opportunity to now be able to acquire assets from this collapse for next to nothing, pennies on the dollar. Moreover, the big banks by design will now become even larger as more regional bank collapses occur, allowing for more fire sales.

I fully expect that the overnight collapse of SVB will be followed by more, smaller/regional bank failures, AND THAT MEANS MORE FIRE SALES of assets and opportunities for the major banks. 

In my opinion, we are about to see a consolidation of the entire banking system accelerate, with more power, and more assets concentrated in the Wall Street Super Banks. ANY “contagion” regarding regional/smaller bank failures will of course allow for the Too Big To Fail institutions to get MUCH bigger. 

Do you really believe that any of this is by accident? And no one saw this coming?


King World News added the following note to James Turk’s article we released on Monday of this week when the bank panic was already in full swing:

King World News note: For those of you who are dollar cost averaging your physical gold and silver purchases, continue to purchase at the same time each month or quarter. But for those of you who do not have any physical gold and silver, what you have just witnessed is a classic warning sign of systemic instability that will get much worse over time. And this problem is definitely going to spread to Europe, which has a much weaker banking system than the United States. The ECB is going to have to print massive quantities of money to halt the contagion whenever the shorts begin to attack the banking system in Europe. And they will. This primary beneficiary of all of this chaos and instability will be gold and silver, which have been money for thousands of years.

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