Brooklyn for Art Lovers

Manhattan has world-famous museums and international art galleries, but Brooklyn has an exciting arts scene all its own, fueled by the many creative people who live there. If you want to see eye-popping street art, check out cutting-edge galleries, and spend a few hours at top-notch museums, read our handy guide to the borough’s best art spaces. Gallery Collectives Today the largest and most active arts community can be found in

Fodor's Week in Travel: Culinary Adventures

It’s never a bad idea to plan your travels around your meals; oftentimes the best trips are food-centric ones. Make sure your camera’s handy and your Instagram’s ready because this week’s roundup serves up some mouthwatering destinations.  Brooklyn’s 50 Best Restaurants Check out our writers’ favorite hotspots to sit down and taste the best of the borough’s diverse and innovative cuisines. Portugal’s Top 12 Experiences Pastry shops and cafes are everywhere in this country. Pop into a

20 College Towns We Love to Visit

Although there is nothing more prototypically “college town” than thousands of tailgating students and fans decked out in face paint and their team colors, not every city hosting a university is a sports-centered extravaganza on weekends. But like the institutions they house, college towns do generate loyal fanbases that brag about the cities’ vibrant art cultures, top-notch restaurants, and charming eccentricities. From gorgeous sceneries to bustling entertainment scenes, historic sights

Where to Find Amazing Asian Food in London

The flavors of Asia are more alive in London than ever: With an eclectic mash-up of Eastern flavors and tastes including Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, and Vietnamese cuisines, you can find authentic elements of street food mixed with classics, premium ingredients like Wagyu and Kobe beef, comfort food, and of course, steaming bowls of ramen. From expansive spaces to small storefronts, London’s love affair with Asian cuisine shows no sign of cooling off. Below, we’ve honed

Brooklyn's 50 Best Restaurants

There was a time when dining in New York City was synonymous with dining in Manhattan, but all that feels like ancient history now. In the past decade, Brooklyn has become the city’s culinary incubator, the borough where innovative chefs create food trends that go on to take over the rest of the city, the country, and even the world. Thanks to the diverse population, there’s a dizzying array of

10 Years after Katrina, New Orleans Is More Vibrant than Ever Before

I made my first trip to New Orleans in late July, a month shy of the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. While waiting to board my flight at JFK, my thoughts drifted to the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra performance I’d seen earlier this year at Lincoln Center, where band members jumped off the stage and into the audience during the encore, exuberantly marching through the aisles as they blew their brassy horns.

Fodor's Week in Travel: Stay Local

You don’t have to go on a grand excursion to eat great food and take in breathtaking scenery. Sometimes the best trips include nearby attractions and homegrown experiences. Check out our weekly roundup for fun that doesn’t require leaving the country.  Where to Find Brooklyn’s Best Pizza New Yorkers pride themselves on their pizza, from classic coal-oven pies to creatively topped slices. Here are our local writers’ favorite spots. The Florida Keys’ Top 14

Top 10 Experiences in Istria, Croatia

Stunning coastlines, charming medieval towns and villages, ancient Roman architecture, rolling vineyards, and delicious cuisine are just a few reasons why Istria should be at the top of your travel list. Sometimes referred to as “The Little Tuscany,” the Istrian Peninsula is home to diverse topography, rich culture, and an ever-expanding tourism industry that aims to set this still relatively unknown region of Croatia on the map.  By Perrie Hartz

10 Must-See Places in Jordan

From ancient, man-made wonders to modern cities, soul-stirring desert landscapes to plush beach resorts, Jordan is a land of fascinating contrasts and history, all within a country the size of Maine. The local culture of hospitality has deep roots in its Bedouin history: It was simply a matter of survival, and anyone crossing the unforgiving desert was welcomed as a guest. Even though most of Jordan’s Bedouins are only semi-nomadic these

5 Reasons to Go to New Orleans Now

As the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches, it’s a marvel to see how this formerly devastated city has emerged from the wreckage and embraced momentous changes. Over the decade, there’s been a rebirth of venerable institutions and an introduction of exciting and ambitious trends in cultural, musical, culinary, and cocktail spheres. Many hotels have freshened up with renovations, while new spots like the Ace Hotel await a 2016 opening. But, of

Brooklyn's Best Coffee Shops

Coffee has a serious culture in Brooklyn, and pour-overs and local roasts are a source of pride here. The profusion of local coffee bars and mini-chains, as well as the presence of top names from around the country, means there is an abundance of cool or cozy spots for coffee connoisseurs looking to get a cup to go or to stay and while away an afternoon. The sheer number of

Where to Find Brooklyn?s Best Pizza

With everything from old-school coal-oven-baked slices to nouveau pies dressed with innovative toppings, this is the pizza capital of the country. Legendary pizza makers have been slinging pies in Brooklyn for decades, while in recent years the borough was
 the incubator for the new-wave Neapolitan craze. What makes the pizza so good here? Many believe it’s the special qualities of New York City water. Barboncino Where: Crown Heights Sometimes a

Fodor's Week in Travel: End-of-Summer Weekend Getaways

As summer comes to a close, it is the perfect time to plan one last short trip before the air turns cool and your calendar turns hectic. Take a long weekend for a final vacation before you dive into your autumn responsibilities. From exploring all that Brooklyn has to offer to enjoying one last hurrah over Labor Day, our weekly roundup has your summer’s-end travels covered. America’s 15 Best Football