With the US dollar tumbling and stocks surging along with gold and silver, this is going to turbocharge upside moves in gold and silver.

Only Worth 50 Cents Today
May 10 (King World News) – Here is what Peter Boockvar had to say as the world awaits the next round of monetary madness:  If you ever hear anyone say there is no inflation, just show them this 30 year chart of the CPI index. That is basically a doubling of this price index which means the value of a $1.00 in 1988 is only worth $.50 today.

Long-Term CPI Index

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Boockvar continues:  “I want to make one last point on the consumer price data. I keep repeating the sharp increase in transportation costs seen due to new truck driver rules (they need to electronically clock in now) and dearth of drivers. That rise was seen in yesterday’s PPI. It will take a few months and quarters however for it to show up in CPI. Thus, I don’t think we can rest easy on inflation just yet. Higher commodity prices and how companies deal with an increase in labor costs, which could also raise goods prices, is a separate debate.”

King World News note: This ramp-up in inflation will ultimately turbocharge upside gains in the gold and silver markets.  It will also benefit the share prices of the high-quality companies that mine the metals.

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