Below are some thoughts on buying the dip in gold stocks, which have been battered recently and are deeply oversold.

Golden Upside?
February 23 (King World News) – Jay Kaeppel at SentimenTrader:  Some thoughts on buying the dip in gold stocks.

Key points

  • Gold stocks rallied over +50% following the September 2022 low
  • Since topping in late January 2023, they have fallen over -18% and triggered a useful oversold indicator in the process
  • While some view this as a buying opportunity, several key indicators suggest caution

First, the good news
The chart below highlights those days when the 50-day average for our GDX Optix indicator crossed above 37. While overall results vary quite a bit from signal to signal, the 6-month time frame has shown some spectacular results. Since the most recent signal on 2022-09-02, GDX is up +15% even after the recent decline.

Unfortunately, the favorable 6-month period following the abovementioned signal ends on 2023-03-02.

Another little-known favorable sign for gold stocks occurred on 2022-09-23 when our British Pound Risk Reversal indicator crossed below -3.2. The chart and table below highlight the performance of GDX following previous rare signals.

Once again, the “sweet spot” is the 6-month time frame following a signal. This period has roughly a month left to run. So far, GDX is approximately +21% above its level on 2022-09-23…

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Gold Bugs Index down ten days in row
The Gold Bugs Index (ticker HUI) is a gold stock index with a history back to 1957. Dean Christians alerted me to the fact that as of the close on 2023-02-22, HUI registered its tenth consecutive lower close. Dean also provided the chart below. Ten consecutive down closes are infrequent and historically have marked some terrific buying opportunities.

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