There was a delay in King World News publishing because of overseas travel. As for the world and financial markets, one thing is certain, tremendous change is coming.

February 22 (King World News) – Gregory Mannarino writing for the Trends Journal:  Tremendous change is coming. 

Today the global financial system is teetering on a knife’s edge, wavering ever more and dangerously close to a full-on implosion of the world’s debt market. Make no mistake, a full-on implosion in the debt market is going to occur by design, which will set the wheels in motion for a total meltdown of not just the world’s stock markets, but a locking up of the entire global financial system.

The world’s financial system is nothing more than a gigantic Ponzi scheme which absolutely must be fueled with exponentially increasing debt in order for it to function. The moment that this mechanism of expanding debt stops, the entire financial system freezes.

A freezing up of the financial system means that ALL TRANSACTIONS STOP. Credit cards, debit cards, bank withdrawals, deposits, the buying and selling of goods and services using central bank issued notes… all of it ends…

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What 99 percent of the general population does not understand is this; The entire system, no matter how much debt is added via any mechanism, can never have enough debt piled on—the system functions in a perpetual illiquid state.

As the number one driver of world stock markets, the world’s debt market itself is also illiquid, in fact, liquidity in the world’s entire financial system is drying up rapidly—and this mechanism itself is, especially as of late, becoming more unstable.

In fact, this situation is becoming so dire that without IMMEDIATE intervention by world central banks, a full-on implosion in the global debt market will occur. Keep in mind that by adding more liquidity, we are talking about expanding debt, which is massively inflationary.

None of this is by accident.

Today, collectively world central banks are deliberately pushing the entire world financial system off a cliff, and intentionally crushing the consumer, while at the same time pushing the world ever closer to global war.

The world’s population today is in the middle of an intentionally created environment of rising inflation, a situation which is in no way going to get any better. And with that, a world economy itself which is contracting at its fastest pace on record.

The NUMBER ONE WAY in which liquidity can be added to this illiquid system is to perpetuate war. No other endeavor on the planet generates 

more need for cash to be borrowed into existence than expanding war(s). 

So, what is the takeaway from all this?

Expect war to greatly expand, expect the world’s economy to contract much faster, expect inflation to get a lot worse, expect global debt to hyper-balloon, expect job losses to skyrocket, AND expect a major false flag event to occur with many people losing their lives—so to get the general population to back more war.

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