Gold, silver and mining stocks are soaring, and look at these other surprises.

Bull Market A Generational Opportunity
May 17 (King World News) – Graddhy out of Sweden:  Think hard about how you are going to play the commodities bull market that started back in April last year. It is not only a generational opportunity, but the opportunity of your life. You can not sit with your children in a decade and say that you were there, but messed it up.

Silver Headed To $50
Have mentioned the big volume thin zone for Silver $20-$50 for years, now, many are mentioning it. That huge thin zone together with that the chart is ready, will be the cause for the next big move. As it was for the huge move last summer, which I charted every inch of here…

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Exciting Times Ahead
Kevin Smith:
  Note how gold exploration stocks tend to follow changing inflation expectations. Should be exciting times ahead for the premier juniors starting from today’s depressed valuations.

Mining Stocks Have A Lot Of
Catching Up To Do

Raging Bull
Otavio Costa: 
Wild… The largest gold miner in the world just had at its highest weekly close in 34 years! Just a matter of time until the entire industry follows. Long-lasting skeptics are about to miss one of the greatest macro-opportunities ever presented.

Newmont Is Signaling The Mining Share
Bull Market Is In Full Swing

Nothing To See Here
Karen Braun, Global Agriculture Columnist at Thomson Reuters:
  Spot-month CBOT soybean oil futures on Wednesday hit an all-time high of 72.32 cents per lb. The latest streak tops the prior highs set in early March 2008. What’s crazy is that just over a year ago, the contract traded down to 24.64, the lowest since October 2006.

Another Commodity Hits All-Time High

INFLATION: Liquidity Flowing Like A Raging Torent
Albert Edwards, Former Global Strategist at Société Générale: 
It is crazy. The Fed has made the whole world full of crazies. From soya to steel. From corn to copper. From wheat to…whatever. Fundamentals like the cycle or idiosyncratic supply constraints might start off the price move but then Fed liquidity flows in like a raging torrent.

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