With so much chaos taking place in markets around the world this week, particularly in China, today King World News is featuring 4 of the most shocking charts of 2015!

The following charts are from the Wall Street Journal and others.  The first chart below from Merrill Lynch that shows at one point this week the Shanghai market lost a staggering $2 trillion in market cap in just 17 trading days.  That's about 9 Greeces.

KWN WSJ 7:10:2015

The second chart below is an overlay of the action in the Shanghai Composite vs the Dow in 1929.  As you can see, the crash in the Shanghai Composite appears to be somewhat mirroring that of the 1929 crash in the Dow.  No wonder the Chinese government stepped in to rig its market in the short-run.

KWN WSJ II 7:10:2015

The third chart below from Jason Goepfert at SentimenTrader shows that the smart money went long $5 billion in S&P 500 Index futures this week, 3rd highest of the bull market.

KWN SentimenTrader V 7:10:2015

The fourth chart below from WSJ shows that even in the wake of the stock market crash, China continues to replace its human workforce with a robot workforce.  So having devoured many of the world's factory jobs, China is now handing them over to robots.

KWN WSJ III 7:11:2015

There is no question that this will all end badly, it's just a question of how much human suffering will take place as human beings begin to be viewed as disposable by the major corporations that run the world? To subscribe to the Wall Street Journal CLICK HERE.

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KWN Nomi Prins mp3 7:11:2015

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KWN Greyerz 7:12:2015

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