Peter Schiff says this could send the price of gold above $1,500 tomorrow, plus more on gold and a shocking look at today’s chaotic trading in global markets.

Schiff: Gold Could Close The Week Above $1,500 
August 1 (King World News) – 
Peter Schiff:  “GLD, the exchange traded gold ETF, had an outside day today. In the morning it traded below yesterday’s low, then surged to close above yesterday’s high. This is a very bullish technical indicator. If we get a weak jobs report tomorrow, gold could close the week above $1,500!”

Shocking Look At Today’s Chaotic Trading In Global Markets…

Another Record…
Jeroen Blokland:
  “The total amount of negative-yielding debt has crossed the USD 14 trillion mark today. It will be much more tomorrow. (See below).

Negative Yielding Debt Crossed $14 Trillion Today

The One To Watch
This is the one to watch! Offshore yuan sinks after Trump announces more tariffs on Chinese imports. Crossing 7 would be bad for market sentiment. (See below).

MORE MARKET CHAOS: Yuan Crossing 7 Would Be Bad

The MSCI Emerging Markets Future has cratered 2.7% since Trump announced a fresh round of tariffs on Chinese imports. (See below).

OUCH! Emerging Markets Futures Crater 2.7% On New Tariffs

Look At This Bloodbath
Crude oil update! Price now down a whopping 8%! (See below).

NOTHING TO SEE HERE: Crude Oil Plunges A Staggering 8%!

The Road To Zero
Wow! The US 10-year Treasury sinks to below 1.90% after Trump says he will impose a 10% tariff on the remaining USD 300 billion of imports from China. (See Below).

WILL US RATES EVENTUALLY GO NEGATIVE? US Treasury Yield Tumbles Below 1.9%

Who Buys This?
The Daily Shot: 
“Negative-yielding corporate debt approaching $1 trillion (see below).

AGAIN, WHO BUYS THIS CRAP? Negative Yielding Corporate Debt Approaching $1 Trillion

So Much For China Trade Deal
Christopher Smart, Chief Global Strategist & Head of the Barings Investment Institute:
  “So much for the China trade deal. Tariffs are now part of the furniture.”

Tariff Beatings To Continue
Sven Henrich: 
“The tariff beatings will continue until morale improves and the Fed cuts rates to zero.”

Plus More On Gold…

Central Banks Continue To PACMAN Gold
World Gold Council: 
“Central banks bought 224t of gold (net) in Q2, 47% higher y-o-y. Buying momentum continued strongly from last year, which saw the highest level of annual purchases in 50 years. (See below).

HIGHEST IN 50 YEARS: Central Banks Buy 224 Tonnes Of Gold In Q2, 47% Higher Year-Over-Year

Gold ETFs
World Gold Council:
  “Global gold-backed ETFs grew 67t in Q2, taking holdings to a six-year high. European-listed funds have absorbed the bulk of inflows so far in H1, underpinned by geopolitical and economic uncertainty. (See below).

Global Gold-Backed ETFs Hit 6 Year High!

And Finally…
World Gold Council: 
“This quarter saw the gold price shoot to multi-year highs and break through US$1,400/oz for the first time since 2013. Expectations of lower interest rates, political uncertainty and strong central bank buying drove this rally. (See below).

HIGHEST SINCE 2013: Gold ETF Holdings Near All-Time Highs 

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