On the heels of a wild week of trading that culminated in the Dow plunging over 900 points on Friday, today one of the greats in the business told King World News that the gold market is poised for a big turnaround that will springboard the price much higher.

Eric King:  “You are watching the gold market and the paper shenanigans that have gone on here, E.B., and we are starting to see the available (400 ounce) physical gold (bars) disappear. When you are suppressing the price, the gold is going to disappear and we are starting to see that in places like London. Even the recent withdraw (of gold) from the Bank of England that Alasdair noted. Your thoughts on what’s unfolding here.”

E.B. Tucker:  “Alasdair can give you the fine points on what’s happening with the big bars, and I think what people listening right now need to understand is you can still get (gold) coins, and you’ve got to do that before (pause), the coins come from the bars, so as the bars start disappearing, the coins dry up later. We have this window of time to get involved, and then once it’s too late there’s nothing left — you can’t get involved.

But, Eric, the thing I love about gold is that it’s a truth serum. So gold’s been telling you for the last two weeks that there’s a problem coming. And then what do we see today? The latest variant of the virus is now wreaking havoc on blah, blah, blah. And of course the stock market sells off as if it’s a big surprise. But if you watch gold, gold sold off before and I expect a turnaround. So we’ve got a limited time to get involved here, and gold is going to springboard big. The pressure is…to listen to E.B. Tucker discuss the available physical gold disappearing CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

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