Mercedes Shows Us New Autonomous Concept Car

Mercedes-Benz unveiled its latest futuristic concept car at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Mercedez calls it the F015 Luxury in Motion. The completely autonomous, hydrogen-electric-plug-in hybrid vehicle is beyond just a car. It is a luxurious lounge on four wheels. The new autonomous concept car sports extensive connectivity features that are as of yet unseen in any automobile. The F015’s other features include web-connected touchscreens on the

Top 7 most expensive brands of Champagne

Champagne is known to be one of the best ceremonial drinks as it is associated with the royal families and the super rich. There were times when champagne was only made for the few designated people of the royal families buy of late it is open to everyone who has money to buy it . People love champagne because of the level of prestige it has been tagged with. For