King World News - Billionaire Eric Sprott - We Have Just Seen A Shocking Event That Only Happens Once In 333 Million Lifetimes
Today billionaire Eric Sprott (pictured above) warned that the current shortage of available physical gold could turn into Armageddon for the gold shorts.

Eric Sprott:  “In the bond market you have the two biggest buyers of bonds, China and OPEC, now are sellers of bonds.  Of course one of the thoughts that I’ve had is that maybe the Fed wants the stock market down because they need someone to come and buy bonds…

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Eric Sprott continues:  “We see China unloading $60-$70 billion a month, and OPEC’s obviously got to sell with the oil price where it is.  And other people have to liquidate to fund themselves.

This Will Cause All Hell To Break Loose

So there’s a huge problem going on in that bond market if buyers aren’t found.  So maybe that will take some air out of the stock market to keep the bond market together because if they don’t keep the bond market together, all hell breaks loose.”

Eric King:  “Let’s talk about the physical market in gold and silver, since the Fed is trapped.  We are getting reports that there is tightness.”

Eric Sprott:  “Yes, there are a lot of interesting things going on, Eric, not the least of which is this development in the Comex, where the physical inventory available for delivery is all of 5 tonnes.  Five tonnes is such a small amount of money — we’re only talking about $150 million.

And the ratio of paper claims to that 5 tonnes is 252 times bigger than the amount available.  So if something like 0.4 percent of the people who were long (gold) futures actually exercised delivery there would be no gold left that was available for delivery.

That’s not to say somebody doesn’t fudge some number and suggest that there is physical gold available for delivery, but the Comex has bled about 89 tonnes of gold this year.  We see the same thing happening in other exchanges.  So the Comex is in a very fragile state.

King World News - This Could Turn Into Armageddon For The Gold Shorts

This Could Turn Into Armaggeddon For The Gold Shorts

Imagine being one of the entities who is short gold, what are they thinking today when there are all of 5 tonnes standing between them and some kind of Armageddon?  That’s one of the…To continue listening to the incredibly powerful Eric Sprott audio interview that has now been released, CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW, where Sprott discusses the coming financial carnage, a gold and silver tsunami, why the endgame will be so incredibly destructive, what people can do to protect themselves and much more.

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