With the Dow surging nearly 240 points, today King World News is featuring a powerful interview with one of the greats in the business that warns it’s now all about bankster lies, propaganda and desperation.

James Turk:  “There were two very different precious metal markets today, Eric. The first one began when gold and silver opened today in Asia, above Friday’s closing price…

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James Turk continues:  “Given how weak the precious metals have been the last couple of weeks, this higher open gave traders a wakeup call, and they jumped on the bandwagon. The precious metal prices began a brisk rally, and as Asian trading wore on, the buying took gold up $18 to $1,098 and silver up $0.25, which is about 1.7%, to $14.45. 

This rally in the precious metals was the result of investors moving out of currencies to a safe-haven. It was an expected and natural reaction after the Paris attacks. Then came the unnatural, second and completely different precious metals market.

King World News - Bankster Manipulation Continues As Excess Debt And Leverage Threatens Global Financial System

Western Central Banks Up To Their Usual Games

Gold and silver ran into a solid brick wall when London opened. The difference between the way gold and silver traded in Asia and what happened in London was as stark as the difference between night and day.

Are we to believe that in striking contrast to what we saw in Asia, there were no safe-haven buyers in Europe? 

The reality is that the central planners were out in full force with their market interventions in London, selling persistently and using their algorithms to prevent gold and silver from climbing any higher. And their persistent selling had its desired effect by driving gold and silver back to Friday’s price, wiping out the rally, which meant that the central planners and their agents walked away with some ill-gotten trading profits from their market interventions.

So both gold and silver remain in lockdown for the time being. There is an interesting possibility why that might be the case, which in effect explains why the central planners are pursuing their price capping so aggressively of late.

In just a few weeks, the Fed is going to make its decision whether to raise dollar interest rates. If the Fed does not raise interest rates, it will mean that the dollar will be further debased. 

The dollar may not look like it is being debased because the euro, yen and a couple of other currencies are so weak because of their dire outlook. But it will be dollar debasement, nonetheless, as the Fed and other central banks pursue their policies of financial repression. But here’s the important point: If the Fed does not raise rates at its December meeting, it is not going to raise them in 2016 – an election year.

King World News - It's All About Bankster LIes, Propaganda And Deception

Don’t Believe Bankster Lies – Own Physical Gold And Silver

Of course the Fed will say that it is independent and will continuously jawbone that an election year doesn’t matter to them as to whether they will raise rates or not. But don’t believe it. Remember, central banks only tell you what they want you to hear.

So the Fed has to act now or wait until after the November 2016 election. Gold buyers will of course recognize that a whole year provides the Fed with plenty of time to continue messing up the dollar and the US economy with its monetary experiments. And gold and silver are the ideal money to own in that environment.” ***KWN has now released the powerful audio interview with Nomi Prins, the keynote speaker who recently addressed the Fed, IMF and World Bank, where she discusses the coming financial destruction that is in front of us, what is going to put an end to the manipulation of the gold and silver markets, what investors can do to protect themselves and much more, and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

***ALSO JUST RELEASED: Stunning Global Demand Has Now Created Major Gold Shortages In The Financial System CLICK HERE.

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