2024 is going to be an extremely dangerous year and investors should expect extreme market distortions to worsen.

Expect Extreme Market Distortions To Worsen
January 17 (King World News) – Gregory Mannarino, writing for the Trends Journal:  Today there is no real market. Instead, what we have is a house of cards built over a pool of high explosives- literally.

War Is For Murder And Money Printing
The current setup is this. A mechanism in which war, the expansion of war, and a lot more central bank supplied easy money is going to distort asset prices across the spectrum of asset classes. In fact, we are about to witness price action distortions in “the market” more so than we have ever seen before. And with that, many thousands of people are going to be murdered to make certain that it happens.

On Thursday of last week, and again on Friday, (after stock market hours/holidays/and on weekends as is standard procedure), the U.S. and its coalition partners which include the U.K., Australia, Canada, Bahrain, and the Netherlands—ALL NON-BRICS NATIONS bombed multiple targets in Yemen.

These military strikes are being sold to the public as attacks on Iranian backed Houthi Rebel forces in a supposed effort to stop Houthi forces from attacking international shipping in the Red Sea. The immediate response to these attacks was a drop in U.S. bond yields—exactly as it was intended to do. For many months now I have outlined how this exact scenario would unfold and the real intentions behind it…

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What is happening RIGHT NOW behind closed doors at the Pentagon, is how they will sell/incite a direct war/conflict with Iran to an unknowing public. 

Why Iran?

The alliance of BRICS nations IS a direct threat to the petrodollar, which just took a massive leap forward with several OPEC nations, including Iran, joining the BRICS on January 2 of this year. 

I have been warning people for many months now that they can expect to see war develop as a direct response to the BRICS alliance. Iran, being a founding member of OPEC, now has a bombsight directly over it and every manner of anything they can do to draw Iran into a direct conflict with coalition nations is about to be utilized to send a message to BRICS nations… and that message is this: DO NOT THREATEN THE PETRODOLLAR! 

The Federal Reserve, who’s enforcement arm to protect the petrodollar is the U.S. Military including its nuclear arsenal, will be pointed at, and used against ANY NATION/group of nations who threaten the petrodollar.

Do you really believe that it’s just by chance that the “coalition” of nations now performing/backing these bombings/attacks—NOT A ONE!—is a BRICS member?

Stability in the bond/debt market.

The Federal Reserve is using the mechanism of war to cause bond yields to drop. 

Desperately Cutting Rates While Inflation Remains A Problem
Within a few months the Federal Reserve is going to cut rates, even though inflation continues to rise. War/the expansion of war is being instituted to drive cash into the perceived safety of debt which stabilizes the debt market. The more bombs/missiles fall on the Middle East, the lower bond yields will go—which in turn makes the “job” of central banks collectively easier moving forward as they cut rates. 

Expanding war in the Middle East is also positive for crude oil/energy prices. The goal here for the Federal Reserve/central banks is to further distort, to the upside, stock prices via the mechanism of war. War also serves another key purpose, and that is the need for more borrowed dollars. No other human endeavor generates more need for borrowed dollars than war. 

With more war, and there is much more to come, the already BEYOND hyper-bubble in debt will further balloon… and again collectively, central banks will be more than happy to lend.

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