Here is a look at the quote of the day, plus gold and silver are about to see some major moves.

January 16 (
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Graddhy out of Sweden:  GOLD: That’s a clear blue quarterly breakout in Q4 2023. 
Now backtesting blue lines in Q1 2024.

Gold Has Already Posted A Historic Upside Breakout

Historical price action right here, right now. I sincerely hope you are paying attention.

Gold is getting ready to take on ATHs 2089.

Opportunity (and threat) of a lifetime…

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Silver & Gold
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  SILVER & GOLD  Are you watching this historical inflection point?? 

Gold has now broken out above blue lines.

2nd Look At Gold’s Historic Upside Breakout:
3rd Gold Bull Market Is Now Underway

Silver is sitting just below its MASSIVE 12-year blue breakout line.

Silver Is Close To Its Historic Upside Breakout That Will Completely Change The Dynamic Of The Silver Market

Quote Of The Day
Quote of the day is from Peter Boockvar: 
If I had a dollar for everyone spiking the football on the end of inflation I’d be able to buy a lot more things but I’ll say AGAIN, it is not the cyclical come down after the cyclical spike in inflation that matters, it is WHERE DOES INFLATION END UP ON A SUSTAINABLE BASIS that is most important.

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