The worst possible scenario unfolding, but gold, silver and mining stocks ready for major breakouts.

Dollar And Gold
June 10 (
King World News) –
James Turk: 
“It’s no surprise that the US dollar is so weak and gold is moving higher. Chart shows US government monthly revenue falling off the edge of the table while monthly increases in federal debt are soaring…

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The worst possible financial combo – borrowing to spend. Buy physical gold to protect your wealth.

Worst Possible Scenario: US Government
Borrowing To Spend – Buy Physical Gold

Gold & Silver Mining Stocks
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  GDX closed today above the red dotted DC (Daily Cycle) trend line. That means…that we now have confirmation that last Friday was the DCL (Daily Cycle Low). Below I called the DCL (Daily Cycle Low) last Friday around the low for the day. (See below).

Bottom Seen Last Friday On GDX Gold Mining Index…

…And Friday Marked Bottom For Silver Miners As Well

Silver Now Showing Us The Money
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Also silver is now showing us the money. That candle looks like a pretty clear message I would say. (See below).

Silver Now Clearly Breaking Out To The Upside

Gold Spikes
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