Worse than Great Financial Crisis, consumers squeezed by stunning price increases year-over-year.

Negative Real Yields Will Continue Fueling Inflation
September 13 
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Simon Mikhailovich:  Gold drops on higher CPI b/c the Fed is sure to beat inflation by hiking more. The Fed can no more beat structural inflation than it can print commodities or fix supply chains. In the meantime 10 year treasury yield 3.4%, trailing CPI is 8.3% & the air is thick with hopium.

Worse Than Great Financial Crisis
Stephanie Pomboy:
  The hit to Household Net Worth over the last 2 quarters is beyond even that of the GFC. Reverse Wealth Effect about to work with a vengeance.

Plunge In Household Net Worth Worse Than Great Financial Crisis

Price Increases Year-Over-Year
Charlie Bilello:
  Price increases over last year (CPI report)… 

Fuel Oil: +68.8%
Gas Utilities: +33.0%
Gasoline: +25.6%
Electricity: +15.8%
Food at home: +13.5%
Transportation: +11.3%
New Cars: +10.1%
Overall CPI: +8.3%
Food away from home: 8.0%
Used Cars: +7.8%
Shelter: +6.2%
Medical Care: +5.6%

Consumer Squeeze
Otavio Costa:
  Consumers are getting completely squeezed. Mortgage rates just surged to their highest level since 2008. Then add:  

* Inflation outpacing wage growth 
* Saving rates near historical lows 
* Labor markets deteriorating 
* Consumer sentiment depressed

Mortgage Rates Highest Since 2008

Consider Gold & Silver
Graddhy out of Sweden:
  Be careful with holding all your cash in USD from here I think. It might go to 120 now or in 6 months, but with Yearly Cycle High probably in, 10% US inflation rate, deficit at 6%/GDP, US debt/GDP at 125%, the US dollar is not an option to protect purchasing power. Consider gold & silver…

Billionaire and mining legend Ross Beaty, Chairman of Pan American Silver, just spoke about what he expects to see in the gold and silver markets and also shared one of his top stock picks in the mining sector CLICK HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO HEAR BEATY’S INTERVIEW.

Inflation Not Backing Down As Some Think
Graddhy out of Sweden:  I said 2.5 years ago that we were in for a glorious commodities bull market and big inflation. Lately I have said that inflation is not backing down as some think. Today US CPI YoY came in at 8.3%, and that is with dodgy handling of food & energy + suppression of oil prices.

Graddhy out of Sweden:
his ratio chart shows a seven weeks long, blue support line backtest, which seems to be holding. This would mean precious metal miners will outperform general equities going forward. I think this chart marks the inflection point for the big asset rotation.

Mining Stocks Set To Dramatically Outperform S&P 500

Also of importance…

Rapidly Growing Royalty Portfolio
Ryan McIntyre:  Maverix continues its successful track record of buying royalty portfolios from the some of the largest and most reputable mining companies in the world, as we just acquired a portfolio of 22 royalties from Barrick Gold. The acquisition increases our portfolio to a total of 147 royalties and streams and enhances our already robust exposure to the next generation of gold mines. The highlight of the portfolio is the 1% royalty on the Eskay Creek project in Canada that is expected to produce 350,000 gold equivalent ounces per year. Once in production this royalty alone will add 10% to our existing revenue base. Additionally, the portfolio boasts significant existing attributable mineral inventory with meaningful exploration potential in historic mining geographies.

Massive Growth Story
But more exciting than that, Eric, is the fact that Maverix already has royalties on a trio of notable gold projects expected to come online in the next few years. The first is the expansion that is underway at Karora Gold’s Beta Hunt mine in Australia that will add over 10% to revenue by 2024. The next is Agnico Eagle’s restart and potential expansion of its Hope Bay mine in Canada in 2025 that could see production increase at two to three times the original capacity and add 10% to the current revenue base. The third one is the 5% royalty we own on the Gemfield project in Nevada owned by Centerra Gold that could add approximately 20% to Maverix’s revenue starting in 2026.

Massive Upside Leverage
And, Eric, if people believe the metals are headed higher then Maverix will unquestionably benefit, as its 90% margins are inflation-protected and it has a significant and growing portfolio that will benefit from the higher prices…Maverix Metals, symbol MMX in Canada and the US.

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