Today one of the greats in the business warned King World News that the world will see a shocking crash in 2015.  He also warned this crash will bring with it enormous chaos and crisis as it engulfs the entire planet.

Michael Pento:  “Investors need to be strategically allocated.  Their portfolios have to be prepared for volatility like we’ve never seen before because government manipulations have caused the market to repeatedly lose half of its value.  That’s what happened in the year 2000.  That’s what happened in the year 2008.  And we are due for just such another crash….

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Eric King:  “Michael, can you expand on the reasons why you believe the world is going to see this crash?”

Michael Pento:  “Because free markets have been completely replaced by central bank manipulations.  We have never had an environment where central bankers have dominated, usurped, and completely vanquished any vestiges of free market activity.  The bursting of asset bubbles have been held at bay and greatly exacerbated by interest rate manipulation and quantitative easing across the developed world.

Chaos And Crisis To Engulf The Planet

However, central banks cannot stop printing.  They are now victims of their own ‘success,’ because if interest rates normalize, the game is over.  And in the case of Japan, when they approach 100 percent of all their revenue (being used) to service their debt, it’s a mathematical certainty that they must default on their debt.  And that has always lead, not most of the time, but always lead to a currency crisis, a bond market crisis, an equity market crisis, and complete economic chaos.

Now, in the cases where this has happened in the past, it’s usually been some banana republic in isolation.  But this time it’s every major developed economy on the planet at the same time.  And this is where it’s all headed — investors will lose complete confidence in all fiat currencies.

I think (first), Eric, we now see deflation as the main issue.  That’s the message of plunging base metals — copper, iron-ore.  Why are oil prices down in the very low $50s as we speak?  Why are bond yields in the global economy going into negative territory?  Eric, this is a fact:  Today the German 5-Year Note turned negative.  Investors are willing to loan money to Germany, guaranteed to lose on their principal, for 5 years.  That’s not a signal of normality — that’s a signal of upcoming chaos.” KWN has now released Michael Pento's outstanding audio interview where he discusses the coming crash, chaos, gold, silver, bonds, and more and you can listen to it by CLICKING HERE OR ON THE IMAGE BELOW.

King World News - Michael Pento - MP3

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