Buckle up, this pro says a perfect gold storm is coming and gold now has a clear path to $10,000.

Perfect Gold Storm
July 2 (King World News) – Graddhy out of Sweden:  We now also got my expected break out on my ultimate long-term, long standing chart above that quarterly resistance line. Perfect gold storm coming; US dollar to 80 as expected, Fed rate cuts, QE. As said, everything non-US dollar up together move coming. It is now here. History in the making. (See below).

If You Look Closely, You Can See Gold’s Major
Breakout Above The Purple Line, Triggering
$10,000 Target For The Price Of Gold

Billionaire Eric Sprott Buying
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GDX (Gold Mining Stock Index)
Graddhy out of Sweden:  That looks like a perfect neckline back test of my purple inverse head & shoulders (see below).

Meanwhile, GDX Has Now Solidly Broken Out
On The Upside, And After A Brief Retest Of
The Purple Break Out Point, Is On Its
Way To Much Higher Levels

Greyerz – Major Gold & Silver Breakouts Close At Hand
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