As the world edges closer to global conflict, here is an important update on the escalating war in Ukraine.

The Missiles Are Flying
December 7 (King World News) – 
Gerald Celente:  Two Russian air bases were attacked Monday by Ukrainian drones resulting in Russian troop casualties and damage to at least two aircraft, according to the Kremlin. 

Russia responded by launching a new round of missile attacks aimed at Ukrainian infrastructure. 

The Kremlin said its own air defense systems successfully intercepted Ukrainian drones at the Engels airbase in Saratov and the Dyagilevo base in Ryazan. The Engels air base has been used to launch attacks on Ukraine…

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The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that the explosions resulted in the death of three servicemen and injured four. Two aircraft suffered light damage. 

The BBC noted that Kyiv did not immediately respond to reports of the drone attack, but Mykhaylo Podolyak, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s adviser, tweeted, “If something is launched into [an]other country’s airspace, sooner or later unknown flying objects will return to the departure point.”

Ukrenergo, Ukraine’s national energy company, said electrical facilities were damaged in a “mass missile attack.”

The Russian-backed Donetsk administration blamed the deaths of four civilians on Ukrainian shelling. CNN, citing RIA/Novosti reported that “Ukrainian troops shelled the center of Donetsk, the fire was aimed on residential buildings.”

The Trends Journal has long noted that as the war drags on, the risk of a major escalation increases exponentially.

As we have reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to avoid targeting Ukrainian infrastructure, but attacks on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines and the Crimean bridge sparked new waves of attacks targeting Ukrainian infrastructure. 

Last week, the Kremlin said:

“It was noted that the Russian Armed Forces had been refraining from conducting precision missile strikes on certain targets in the Ukrainian territory for a long time, but now such measures have become necessary and unavoidable as a reaction to Kyiv’s provocative attacks on Russian civilian infrastructure, including the Crimean Bridge and energy facilities.” 

Ramping up the push for Ukraine to attack Russia, Edgars Rinkevics, Latvia’s foreign minister, said last week that NATO should allow “Ukrainians to use weapons to target missile sites or airfields from where those operations are being launched.”

He said allies should “not fear” escalation.

We have reported that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has spurred a lot of tough talk from Baltic countries that rely solely on U.S. and NATO protection from Russia.

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