Today an acclaimed money manager warned King World News about an organization that is setting up to seize control of most of the world's population.  He also spoke about what this will mean for people and how they can protect themselves ahead of this coming shift in power.

Stephen Leeb:  “Obviously we have seen some wild trading in the Russian ruble.  It didn’t surprise me at all that the Chinese have stepped in and said they would help stabilize the Russian ruble because that’s what I’ve been talking about for some time on your network — a strong alliance between China and Russia.  In fact, the alliance between Russia and China is strong and growing stronger.  So the Chinese will make investments in Russia, arrange swaps, etc….

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“The Chinese also said that if Russia continues to have troubles they will take it before the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization).  I had never even heard of that organization.  It turns out that SCO has been around for over a decade in its current form.  SCO consists of 6 countries — the two biggest being Russia and China.

SCO is looking to add another 4 or 5 ‘observer’ countries to the organization.  India is one of these observer countries.  When India joins, this organization will account for over 50 percent of the world’s population.  Also, when you look at the purchasing power parity this growing organization will represent, it will be incredibly large in terms of scale.

So SCO will be a big, strong, global organization that already engages in mutual military exercises.  The organization also engages in major infrastructure funding throughout Eurasia.  This really is China trying to get hold of Eurasia, part of Eastern Europe, and eventually the world.  The interesting thing is that the Germans have been silent when it comes to SCO.

But what makes SCO even more interesting is that this organization has already formed an affiliation with the BRICs and South Africa.  So Brazil and South Africa are also included in this organization.  Again, this means that you will have more than 50 percent of the world’s population under a single umbrella of control and working together.

What was one of the first things that the BRICs and SCO did together?  They established a national bank and they funded it.  And their avowed goals, they are not even keeping it a secret, is to have a currency that is separate from the U.S. dollar.

Eric, we’ve talked at length about all the gold going from West to East and certainly that is ongoing as China, Russia, and India (its people) continue to buy gold.  And you have to remember that the Chinese now import more goods into Saudi Arabia than the United States.  So China’s relationship with the entire Eastern part of the world is becoming stronger and stronger.

Also, China’s capacity for renewable energy already exceeds that of the United States.  In fact, China’s capacity is twice that of the United States, Germany, and Spain combined.  That’s remarkable.  This latest deal between Obama and Xi entirely favors China because the Chinese don’t have to do anything until 2029.  But the Chinese have already done it.  China hides its strengths from the world, particularly the West.

Now, as people already know, Russia is a major oil producer.  Most of their oil production comes out of western Siberia.  A lot of the estimates say that the oil reserves in eastern Siberia could be well over 150 billion barrels.  Well, what do the Russians lack to cultivate this oil?  Money.  What do the Chinese have more of than anybody else?  Money.

So with the Chinese investing in a very big way into Russia, the Chinese are positioning themselves to control most of the commodities in the world either directly or indirectly.  In contrast, the United States will have very little to show for itself unless we wake up.  So sadly all the power is shifting to the East and this is a real tragedy to watch as it unfolds.

As I mentioned earlier, the gold is flowing East.  Well, so goes the gold, so goes the world’s reserve currency status and power.  This means the world currency of the future will be controlled by the Chinese in the next year or two.  This also means you better own gold and silver ahead of this coming transition.  And you better own silver especially because silver has that dual role to play both as a monetary metal and as an industrial metal. To learn about Adderall and how it works please visit this Adderall online website for buying
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These two metals are going to go far higher than anyone can imagine as this transition unfolds.  So gold and silver will soar as the Chinese and SCO take control of most of the world, and now is the time to buy while they are still cheap.  Sadly, this is all you can do as the West collapses is protect yourself and your familly.”

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