Here is a look at the chart of the day, tidal wave of demand, the problem with central planners, and this should end well.

Tidal Wave Of Demand For Assets
July 9 (King World News) – 
Hedgeye:  “The driver for this secular tidal wave of demand for assets is the action of global central banks, which are encouraging deflation in many economies around the world because of the fact of now $13 trillion in government debt with negative yields.”

The Problem With Central Planners
Daniel Lacalle, Chief Economist at Tressis:
  “The problem of central planners is one of diagnosis. They think that if credit does not grow as much as they think it should grow and investment and growth are not what they estimated, it is because more stimulus is needed.”

42-Year Chart Of US Yields
Jeroen Blokland:
  “The US 30-year Treasury yield in one chart! (See chart below).

1977-Today, A Look At US 30-Year Treasury Yields In One Chart!

Chart Of The Day
And the chart of the day comes from Keith McCullough, CEO of Hedgeye Risk Management:  
“[W]hat both the BASF and AVGO management teams are missing—alongside US investor consensus—is the simple fact that the ongoing global economic downturn started well before any of the trade issues developed. We know – we authored the bearish outlook on global growth back in January 2018 when BASFY stock peaked amid a deafening chorus of “Globally Synchronized Recovery” chants from our competitors……Since then, according to our proprietary Global Macro Risk Monitor, nothing has changed with respect to those views on global growth.” (See chart below).

CHART OF THE DAY: Serious Global Growth Concerns

This Should End Well…
Adam Tooze, Director of the European Institute: 
“Over the past three years, to offset lower oil prices and finance huge investment plans, Saudi Arabia has sold nearly $70 billion in international bonds, becoming one of the biggest issuers of debt among emerging markets. (See chart below).

This Should End Well…

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