Warning: The economy is already in full collapse and the consumer is also broke.

This Can’t Be Good
May 16 (
King World News) –
Charlie Bilello:  Home Depot sales fell 4% over the last year, the largest YoY decline since 2009.

Home Depot Sales See Largest Sales Decline Since 2009 Global Financial Collapse!

Lumber futures are at their lowest levels since May 2020, down 81% from the peak in May 2021.

Lumber Prices Have Collapsed To Lowest Level Since COVID Meltdown!

US Consumer Is Broke
US retail sales increased 0.5% over the last year, the lowest growth rate since May 2020 & well below the historical average of 4.8%. After adjusting for inflation, though, the story is far worse. Real retail sales fell 4.2% over the last year, the 6th consecutive YoY decline.

Inflation-Adjusted Retail Sales Have Collapsed To Lowest Level Since COVID Meltdown!

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Where Is All That Money Going?
US bank deposits have fallen $600 billion since the beginning of February to $17.15 trillion. Where is much of that money going? Into money-market funds, which have risen $500 billion over that same time period to a record $5.33 trillion.

Collapsing Bank Deposits Have Fled Into Money Market Funds

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