Today a warning was issued to the financial world: “Buckle up, folks,” because there have only been 3 other times in history where gold surged while oil plunged.

“Buckle Up Folks”
June 4 (King World News) – 
Otavio Costa from Crescat Capital:
“Only three other times in history precious metals surged while oil plunged! All of them happened during severe bear markets and recessions. Buckle up, folks.”

WARNING: Only 3 Times In History Where Gold Surged While Oil Plunged!

King World News note: The chart and commentary from Costa are ominous indeed. As to what’s next Costa is probably right in his warning, “Buckle up, folks.”

Speaking of gold…

Eric King:  “Ivan, your company just released more exciting news today and the stock is attacking a 52 week high.”

One Of The Most Exciting Areas In The World For Major Discoveries
Ivan Bebek: In an effort to make a bigger exploration impact at Homestake Ridge we looked away from the known resources and successfully identified two, new large-scale gold and silver opportunities. Homestake Ridge is in one of the most exciting areas in the world to look for major discoveries and that potential has come back into our massive project with these new targets. Auryn Resources symbol AUG in Canada and the US. To read today’s exciting press release that sent the stock surging more than 6% CLICK HERE.

***Also just released: “Mayhem Rules” Right Now And Gold May Rise Very Rapidly Because Of It CLICK HERE TO READ.

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